중년 여성의 경부통에 수기요법이 미치는 효과

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The Effect of Manual Manipulation Therapy on the Neck-Pain of Women in her 40~50s with Round shoulder

Jeong, chong-soo
Advisor : Prof. Moon, Kyung-Rye, M.D.,Ph.D
Department of Alternative Medicine
Graduate School of Health Science
Chosun University

The purpose of this study aimed at middle-aged women with curly and sports massage therapy, chiropractic, exercise regimen by providing stories of the heart via neck relief is to learn. And women 40 to 50 with a curved neck barrel of stories that appeal to the therapy, 20 patients per 50 minutes five weeks was conducted twice a week total of 10 times the researchers via the new changes in the thoracic spine in the neck bent the spine posture and balance, and by healing was to examine changes in the cervix soils. Control group that appeal to the neck 40 to 50 barrels of women in Gwangju H group of 10 church members were targeted.  Bent posture, and as a fast check of the measurement major pectoral muscle case, the patient lying immediately behind the head comes along, interlocking fingers. Arm until it rests on a table and falls. Shorten your elbow on a table without touching the judge as positive as if there were curved.  Neck disability index questionnaire for each of the 10 items measure visual similarities (VAS) for each item by combining changes in each index and statistical analysis examined the change in neck disability index.   Social Survey Data Analysis statistical package SPSS Windows for 18.0 was used for all statistical significance level of 5% (α =. 05) levels were set. The results of this study are as follows: 1. Sports massage, chiropractic, movement of the neck disability index experimental regimen conducted (NDI) before the experiment (28.30 ± 9.14) after the experiment (11.60 ± 5.71) to the pre-and post-(-16.70 ± 5.62) and in the control group showed a change in Before the experiment (18.90 ± 5.49) after the experiment (15.10 ± 6.47) before and after (-3.80 ± 4.87) neck disability index in the experimental group and 10 in the area of ​​sub-statistically significant changes in the index were observed in the control group, In the case of lifting of the post-assessment but its rather high figure of 0.1 points, and the remaining items showed a slightly lower figure. 2. Homogeneity between groups post the entire neck disability index in the analysis of the results (NDI, P =. 131) and other sub-region was not found significant differences in the two groups showed no difference.
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The Effect of Manual Therapy for Neck Pain in Middle-aged women
Alternative Author(s)
Jeong Chong Soo
조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론·····································································································1
1.1 연구의 필요성·······················································································1
1.2 연구의 목적··························································································3
1.3 연구의 가설··························································································3
1.4 연구의 제한점·······················································································3
1.5 용어의 정의··························································································4

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경···························································································5
2.1 바른 자세·····························································································5
2.2 Round Shoulder의 원인 ·······································································6
2.3 두 경부 전방 자세의 분석 ·····································································7
2.4 수기치료의 통증경감효과 ······································································8

Ⅲ. 연구 방법······························································································9
3.1 연구 대상 ····························································································9
3.2 실험 설계 ····························································································9
3.3 통증 척도····························································································10
3.4 실험 방법····························································································10
3.5 실험 도구····························································································20
3.6 통계 분석····························································································22

Ⅳ. 연구 결과····························································································23
4.1 대상자들의 일반적인 특성·····································································23
4.2 집단 간 사전 동질성 결과분석(최초 방문시 NDI)·····································24
4.3 집단내 NDI변화 결과 분석····································································25
4.4 집단 간 사후 동질성 결과분석(10회 시술 후 NDI)···································29
4.5 각 집단별 평균지수 변화·······································································30
4.6 각 집단별 평균지수 그래프····································································33

Ⅴ. 논의 및 제언························································································39
5.1 논의····································································································39
5.2 제언····································································································41

Ⅵ. 결론 ···································································································42

참고문헌 ··································································································44
정종수. (2011). 중년 여성의 경부통에 수기요법이 미치는 효과.
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