코어 프로그램이 노인의 균형능력에 미치는 효과

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Core program|the elderly|balance ability

The Effect of Core Program on Balance Ability in the Elderly

Park, Sang Myoung
Advisor : Prof. Ryu So-Yeon, MD. Ph.D
Department of Public Health
Graduate School of Health Science,
Chosun University

This study was performed to identify the effect of 8 weeks' Core program on balance ability in the elderly.
The subjects consisted of 40 elderly people between the ages of 65 to 80 years being number of a christian cultural center in Kwang-ju city, and randomly allocated into experimental group and control group. The experimental group had participated in Core program for 8 weeks. Data was analyzed using SPSS ver. 17.0 from Windows. Chi square test, Wilcoxon signed rank test and Wilcoxon Rank sum test were used for data analysis.
The results were as follows;
1. According to the results from pre-measure of two groups, there were no significant differences in general characteristics, health status and balance ability(p>0.05).
2. After application of Core program, there was statistically significant improvement in OLST, TUG and FRT as balance ability in experimental group, and there was no difference in control group with only significant increase in TUG. Regarding to change of TUG and FRT, there were significantly different between experimental group and control group, but not in OLST.
3. Health status included the frail elderly score and geriatric depression scale. In the frail elderly score, the score in the experimental group was significantly decreased compared with control group. In geriatric depression scale, the score in the experimental group was decreased, but there was no significant difference between two groups.
In conclusion, it showed that Core program gave positive effect to the elderly on balance ability.
Alternative Title
The effect of Core program on balance ability in the elderly
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Park, Sang Myoung
조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 보건학
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 연구 방법 4
A. 연구 설계 4
B. 연구 대상 5
C. 조사 방법 5
D. 운동 프로그램 6
E. 자료 분석 11
Ⅲ. 연구 결과 12
A. 실험군과 대조군의 동질성 검정 결과 12
B. 코어프로그램 실시 전·후 변화량 비교 14
Ⅳ. 고 찰 17
Ⅴ. 요약 및 결론 20
참 고 문 헌 21
감사의 글 24
조선대학교 보건대학원
박상명. (2010). 코어 프로그램이 노인의 균형능력에 미치는 효과.
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