DCT변환 영상에서의 에지정보를 이용한 디블록킹 알고리듬

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라마 라메쉬 쿠마
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For low bit rate multimedia communication, the original image is compressed by block based DCT coding. One of the major drawbacks of this coding scheme is that they may result to visible artifacts in block boundaries. In this thesis, a new algorithm is proposed based on two separate modes in terms of number of edge pixels around the block boundary. The number of edge pixels is estimated by applying the Robert’s edge filter. In each mode, proper filtering operation is carried out in both horizontal and vertical direction. The first mode is associated with smooth region. Since flat regions are more sensitive to human visual system, strong filtering operation is applied. In second mode an adaptive low pass filter is applied. This filter is based on pixel gradient around the block boundaries. Artifacts are reduced without introducing undesired distortion while preserving the original edge of image. Although the proposed approach is simple and operates on spatial domain, the experimental results show that it improves both the subjective and objective quality of images with various features.
Alternative Title
Reduction of Blocking Artifact Based on Edge Information in DCT Coded Images
Alternative Author(s)
Ramesh Kumar Lama
조선대학교 일반대학원
일반대학원 정보통신공학과
Goo-Rak Kwon
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Table Of Contents
I. Introduction 1
A. Thesis Motivation and Overview 1
B. Research Objectives 2
C. Thesis Contribution 3
D. Thesis Organization 4
II. Background 5
A. Overview of Image and Video coding 5
B. Related Works 10
III. A System to Reduce Blocking Artifacts 13
A. Overview of the proposed algorithm 13
B. Edge Detection and Mode Selection 13
C. Filtering in Smooth Region 16
D. Filtering in Complex Region 18
i. Bilateral Filter 18
IV. Performance Evaluation 22
A. Objective Quality 22
B. Subjective Quality 26
C. Computational Cost Analysis 32
V. Discussion 33
VI. Conclusion 33
References 34
라마 라메쉬 쿠마. (2011). DCT변환 영상에서의 에지정보를 이용한 디블록킹 알고리듬.
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