한 지역 업무상 뇌심혈관질환 승인의 관련요인

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neurocardiovascular disease, occupational disease
Objective: This study committee and the disease since the actual change in approval rates in the Neuro-cardiovascular disease care and so what changed was to evaluate the main factors.
Methods: 2008. July 1 st 2010. June 30, a local decision and the disease is classified by the committee Neuro-cardiovascular disease consideration of 494 cases were analyzed.
Results: ommission's decision and the disease was 11.3% overall approval rate, the majority of diseases with cerebral infarction was 4.9%. If the mission is that there is a hemorrhage of the amendments to the Act that were approved before the stroke, when the family rise to 68.3% approval rate, thereby increasing overall approval rate is up 36.2%. Thus, the approval rate of occupational Neuro-cardiovascular disease the accreditation standards sharply lower than in the last mission that is considered to be the main factor.
Of cases occupations manufacturer production by 73 case(14.8%) was the most common office 67 cases(13.6%), and construction to daily 53 cases(10.7%), apartment Security services 48 cases(9.7%), public works 35 cases(7.1%), taxi driver, 29 cases(5.9%), Borough 27 cases(5.5%), bus driver, 18 cases(3.6%), respectively. Dual manufacturer production of occupational disease award committees care approval rate of 11.0% full approval rate equaled public work of the medical approval gun a deal, no, gyeongbijik the two cases(4.2%), Borough 2(7.4%), Taxi 2(6.9%), and construction to daily 5(9.4%), bus driver 1 (5.6%) has been approved and office workers 12(17.9%) was lower than that.
Conclusions: Neurocardiovascular disease determination of occupational diseases approved by the sharply lower rates because of the institutional changes that may be related to the requirements for accreditation. Especially Security services, Borough, Taxi-bus driver, construction day laborers in occupations such as poor socio-economic level than the approval rate is relatively low and the disease to the Committee for determination of social discontent is more likely to exacerbate. Thus the system seems to require a complement.
Alternative Title
Related Factor in Approving Work-related Cerebro-cardiovascular Disease in a region
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Choi changki
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 의학과
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서론 1

연구방법 3
1. 연구대상 3
2. 자료조사 3
3. 통계분석 5

연구결과 6
1. 연구대상자의 성별 연령, 상병명, 표준직업 분포 6
2. 일반적 특성과 승인률 비교 9
3. 직업 특성과 승인률 비교 12
4. 요인별 로지스틱 회귀분석 15

고찰 19

참고문헌 23

부록 25
조선대학교 대학원
최창기. (2010). 한 지역 업무상 뇌심혈관질환 승인의 관련요인.
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