장마전선상의 하층제트 유입으로 인한 집중호우에 관한 연구

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장마전선, 하층제트|장마전선|하층제트
In general, heavy rainfall in Korea is mostly associated with inflow of 850hPa low-level jet. It transports abundant heat and moisture flux to the Changma front. In this study, synoptic characteristics of heavy rainfall in Korea from a case study is examined by classifying heavy rainfall cases with synoptic patterns, in particular distribution of upper- and low-level jets, western North Pacific high, and moisture flux. The surface and upper-level weather charts including auxiliary analysis chart and radar and satellite images obtained from the Korea Meteorological Administration, and 500hPa geopotential heights from NCEP/NCAR are used and then KLAPS is applied to understand the local atmospheric structure associated with heavy rainfall.
Results show that maximum frequency in 60 heavy rainfall cases with more than 150mm/day appears in the Changma type of 43 cases (a proportion in relation to a whole is 52%) including the combined Changma types with typhoon and cyclone. As indicated in previous studies, most heavy rainfall cases are related to inflow of low-level jet. In addition, synoptic characteristics based on the analyses of weather charts, radar and satellite images, and KLAPS in heavy rainfall case of 12 July, 2009 reveal that the atmospheric vertical structure in particular equivalent potential temperature favorable for effective inflow of warm and moist southwesterly into the Changma front is linked to large potential instability and the strong convergence accompanied with low-level jet around Suwon contributes to atmospheric upsliding along the Changma front, producing heavy rainfall.
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A Study on the Heavy Rainfall Cases Associated with Low Level Jet Inflow along the Changma Front
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Choi Ji Young
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 대기과학과
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제1장 서론 1
제2장 자료 및 분석방법 3
제3장 분석결과 4
제1절 한반도 집중호우 및 하층제트 발생 특성 4
1. 통계적 특성 4
2. 종관기상학적 유형분류 5
가. 집중호우 5
나. 하층제트 10
3. 집중호우와 하층제트 연관성 분석 12
제2절 경기남부지방 집중호우(2009.7.11~12) 사례분석 및 특성 12
1. 호우 특성 14
2. 종관기상 특성 분석 18
가. 지상 18
나. 850hPa 18
다. 500hPa 23
라. 200hPa 23
마. 보조일기도 26
바. 원격탐사 26
3. 국지기상분석(KLAPS) 31
제4장 결론 36
참고문헌 38
조선대학교 대학원
최지영. (2010). 장마전선상의 하층제트 유입으로 인한 집중호우에 관한 연구.
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