인천대교 주변해역 조하대 대형저서무척추동물 군집의 분포 특성

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조하대 대형저서무척추동물|인천대교
An ecological monitoring study on the subtidal macroinvertebrate community in the around sea of the Incheon Bridge was performed during the period from September, 2005 to July, 2010. In the present study, 10 study stations were established, and seasonal changes for various ecological aspects of the community such as species composition, number of the species occurred, biomass, diversity index (H'), etc., were investigated with profiling subtidal layers.
The result of profiling for subtidal layers was revealed that the benthic environments were strongly affected by the bridge construction and the large collection of bottom sand which had been conducted for several years in near study area.
As a result of the study, a total 267 species belonging to 119 families in 38 orders, 12 classes, and 8 phyla were identified and classified. A total 267 species is comprising 93 polychaete annelids, 78 crustacean arthropods, 73 molluscs, etc. These three dominant groups of species that live on the surface or live in the upper layer of subtidal soft bottom were regarded as the index groups for ecological change.
Mean number of the species occurred at each study stations was estimated from 7.95 (in 2006) to 10.40 (in 2009), and mean diversity index was ranged from 1.77 (in 2006) to 2.63 (in 2009). Considered that the bridge construction was completed on November, 2009, it was suppose that the construction might have strongly effected on the subtidal macroinvertebrate community.
In the analyses for the seasonal change of community characteristics, mean number of the species occurred was resulted as the lowest value in winter (8.125), and the highest value in summer (9.725), while mean biomass was estimated as low values in winter (42.78 ind./0.1m2) and spring (39.55 ind./0.1m2), and high values in summer (63.35 ind./0.1m2) and autumn (65.73 ind./0.1m2). These results were well accorded with the general features that the growth of population is progressed in warm water temperature in most macroinvertebrates.
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Subtidal macroinvertebrate community in the around sea of the Inchon Bridge
일반대학원 해양생명과학
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Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 재료 및 방법 4
1. 조사지역 및 시기 4
2. 현장조사 및 동정, 분류 6
3. 통계처리 8
Ⅲ. 결 과 9
1. 조사지역 퇴적환경 9
2. 출현종 현황 13
3. 연도별 저서동물군집 변화 17
4. 계절별 저서동물군집 변화 21
5. 다양도 지수 28
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조선대학교 일반대학원
로승욱. (2010). 인천대교 주변해역 조하대 대형저서무척추동물 군집의 분포 특성.
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