강구조 체육관시설물의 내진성능평가 및 보강방법에 관한 연구

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Considerable damages and casualties due to the great earthquake such as Northridge(1994), Kobe(1995), Sichuan(2009) and Haiti(2010) earthquake is occurred. Especially, during the earthquake the collapse of school buildings which had done an important role as temporary evacuation of facilities and local disaster prevention center has leading to as a young life. Because of the lack of interest about seismic design and minor earthquake damage of buildings, our country had established seismic design standard not until 1988 year. Considering those circumstance at that time, the standard was limited seismic design respectively for the buildings that over 6 story and total floor area 10,000m2 or important buildings which is national security and public welfare. After repeated revisions, KBC2005 which was based on IBC2000 suggested seismic design standard for building design. However, structures which are under 5 story middle and low-rise buildings was built before the seismic design standard established has not been done and also for school and government buildings seismic design has not been done.

For personal protection and disaster mitigation, it is necessary ensure functionality as a evacuation refuge in disaster. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is that seismic diagnosis of existing steel structure of japan and applicability of performance evaluation method of the United States introduce, we obtain basic information for seismic measure of steel structure in our country. In this study, our goal is that Gymnasium Structure which representative still structure that expect to important roll as refuge and evacuation shelter when disaster is coming down evaluate seismic performance using two different seismic diagnosis, the structure that get a seismic performance rejection evaluate the safety to give a suggest by reinforced method.
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A Study on the Estimation of Seismic Performance and Seismic Retrofitting for Steel Gymnasium Structure
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Jeong, Si Jeong
일반대학원 건축공학과
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Table Of Contents

제1장 서론
1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
1.2 학교시설물의 내진설계 현황 4
1.3 기존의 연구 6

제2장 일본의 강구조 내진성능평가
2.1 일본의 내진성능평가 방법 8
2.2 일본 내진진단에 의한 기존 체육관 건물의 내진성능평가 15
2.2.1 해석대상 구조물 개요 15
2.2.2 X방향 내진성능평가 19
2.2.3 Y방향 내진성능평가 33
2.3 브레이스를 이용한 강구조물의 내진보강 38
2.3.1 브레이스를 이용한 강구조물의 내진보강 38
2.3.2 보강ㆍ증축 계획 41
2.3.3 구조내진지표를 이용한 장변(Y축)방향 내진성능평가 44
2.3.4 지붕 브레이스 보강 부분의 검토 47
2.4 결론 51

제3장 FEMA356에 의한 내진성능평가
3.1 FEMA 356의 내진성능평가방법 52
3.1.1 개요 52
3.1.2 성능단계 52
3.1.3 성능목표 55
3.1.4 역량스펙트럼 방법(Capacity Spectrum Method, CSM) 56
3.2 FEMA356에 의한 기존 체육관 건물의 내진성능평가 61
3.2.1. 해석개요 61
3.2.2. Pushover Analysis 61
3.3 브레이스 보강 후 기존 체육관 건물의 내진성능평가 67
3.4 결론 73

제4장 내진보강 전ㆍ후의 시간이력해석
4.1 시간이력해석 74
4.2 해석결과 76
4.2.1 단변방향 76
4.2.2 장변방향 79
4.3 결론 81

제5장 결론 82

참고문헌 84
조선대학교 일반대학원
정시정. (2010). 강구조 체육관시설물의 내진성능평가 및 보강방법에 관한 연구.
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