한/중 신감각파의 여성상에 대한 비교 연구

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In this paper, the writer aims to analyze the similarities and differences through comparing active writers Lee Sang and Mu Shi-ying appeared in the work of women in 1930.
Korea was colonized by Japan in the 1930s and China was Semi-colonial, Semi-feudal society. Due to this situation, social contradictions were Deteriorated, and people make a difficult living because of economic depression. So Women had to go out in order to make a living. But in a male dominated patriarchal system, women had to be duplicated in social and physical pressure. ‘Nine People Club’ and ‘Neo Sense’ confidence each file. In your novel is a glimpse into the lives of these women. Among them, Lee Sang and Mu Shi-ying phase of the women have in common with other writers, and also-have some differences.
Two of the women in the history of two countries can be considered a special transition in 1930s. Since the 1920s, formal education for women was allowed in two countries, but a small minority of women intellectuals appeared and with the women movement ideology was accepted ideas through the West and Japan. In addition, women bagan to be major controversy and mumps.
When ‘New Woman’ was got more attention to in society, ‘Nine People Club’ and ‘Neo Sense’ is combined to start social activities in China and Korea. Two schools were both interested in ‘New Woman’ in configuration of women as it was reproduced in the works. In addition, it shows realistic life of women who conflict between modern and feudal views. Like other writers of ‘Nine People Club’ and ‘Neo Sense’, Lee Sang and Mu Shi-ying also shows social attention to 'New Woman'. But as the writer's thought has a direct influence on characters of the novel, criticism of their own female archetype is composed due to their limited background.
In this paper, the writer aims to analyze the similarities and differences by comparing women’s figure between Lee Sang and Mu Shi-ying and the reason for the revelation of these similarities and differences and clarify its position in the literary history.
Alternative Title
A Comparative Study on the Image of Women in Korean and Chinese 'Neo Sense' : Major Topic for Lee Sang and Mu Shi-ying Novel
Alternative Author(s)
Li, Jin Lan
조선대학교 일반대학원
일반대학원 국어국문학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차


1. 서 론 1
1.1. 연구 목적 1
1.2. 연구사 검토 4
1.3. 연구 범위 및 연구 방법 8

2. 한․중의 근대적 여성의식 형성 과정 10
2.1. 한국의 근대적 여성의식 형성 과정 11
2.2. 중국의 근대적 여성의식 형성 과정 14

3. 한․중 신감각파 소설의 신여성상 18
3.1. 가부장제도에 대한 반항 18
3.2. 봉건적 여성관과 근대적 여성관의 갈등 24

4. 李箱과 穆時英 소설의 여성상 비교 29
4.1. 李箱과 穆時英의 여성관 29
4.2. 李箱과 穆時英 소설 속의 신여성상 35
4.3. 두 작가의 여성관이 갖는 한계 41
4.3.1. 李箱 소설의 여성 이미지 41
4.3.2. 穆時英 소설의 여성 이미지 45

5. 결론 51

조선대학교 대학원
이금란. (2010). 한/중 신감각파의 여성상에 대한 비교 연구.
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