열습하에서 CFRP 원형/사각형 부재의 에너지 흡수 특성

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CFRP|hygrothermal|energy absorption characteristics
CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) high-in-tension, according to quality of light weight the sporting goods and the vehicle bonnet, aerospace craft etc. CFRP is used from the field which is various. From specially with the automobile the driver valence according to increasing, the accident valence is increasing same mobile means and the collision accident which is like this the most general region the side or the back side in order to occur plentifully most is one part which is important from general collision at the time of safety decline vehicle development. For a safety consequently shock the research which absorbs is extending plentifully time, at the time of does a safety and a lightweight anger first of all under demand conditions as the shocking absorption absent material. Insect family hour height as the material CFRP was coming to be paid attention like this demand condition, used re-with shocking absorption vice-and increased for experiments to be many wholeheartedly coming a shocking absorption and quantity. But it which has a weakness in compliance with the moisture or moisture the efficiency falls is the thing in as many as like this CFRP. The change of change of temperature and humidity is big management very importance termination according to like this ambient environmental change from the country where the specially, with our country same field of fire paragraph is clear because being the possibility the various branch variable happening is. Gave a temperature and the humidity which are fixed in the specimen from this dissertation and the moisture absorption which follows in CFRP interfaces should have become how many, examined and came to make from under same condition, the specimen and the moisture which constructs comparison of the specimen which absorbs led and the degree of performance degradation of the water absorption at the time of should have changed how many, is examines. And the interface of CFRP complex materials the great part decides the physical properties of the complex material is and according to interface veterinarian change the energy absorption quantity of circular absence be visible what kind of difference, to know, the report person does.

1. CFRP absorption water after to make an environment, according to interface possibility with the sheep of the moisture which absorbs difference of speed is but until before 1% of original weight increases the speed which absorbs speed falls with 1% after that quickly gradually. With 2500 hour after that almost there is not fluctuation about absorption.

2. 2 interfaces absorb most quickly and also the absorption quantity appears most highly at 1.26% and on the other hand 7 interfaces show the absorption quantity which does not reach in 1.09% of circle members.

3. 2 interfaces absorb most quickly and also the absorption quantity appears most highly at 1.19% and on the other hand 7 interfaces show the absorption quantity which does not reach in 1.03% of square members.

4. This result leads and absorption water the within resin of the case interface layer which will do is destroyed and does not become the recovery even to dry after that and the absorption energy quantity decreases in order not to be and there is a possibility of knowing.
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A study on the energy absorption characteristics of CFRP circular/square members under the hygrothermal
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Park Eu ddeum
일반대학원 첨단부품소재공학과
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목 차


제 1 장 서 론 1
제 1 절 연구배경 1
제 2 절 연구목적 및 방법 3

제 2 장 시험편 및 실험방법 4
제 1 절 시험편 4
제 2 절 실험 방법 10
2-1. 흡습 이론 10
2-2. 흡습 실험 및 정적 축 압궤 실험 10
제 3 절 실험 장치 18

제 3 장 원형 구조부재 압궤 실험 결과 19
제 1 절 CFRP 원형 구조부재 정적 압궤 실험 19
제 2 절 수분이 흡수된 CFRP 원형 구조부재
정적 압궤 실험 30

제 4 장 사각형 구조부재 압궤 실험 결과 41
제 1 절 CFRP 사각형 구조부재 정적 압궤 실험 41
제 2 절 수분이 흡수된 CFRP 사각형 구조부재
정적 압궤 실험 52

제 5 장 실험 결과 및 고찰 63
제 1 절 수분 흡습거동 평가 63
제 2 절 열습 환경 하에서의 강도 평가 67

제 6 장 결론 79

참 고 문 헌 80
조선대학교 일반대학원
박으뜸. (2010). 열습하에서 CFRP 원형/사각형 부재의 에너지 흡수 특성.
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