mT 연변에서의 호남지방 집중호우 특성에 관한 연구

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Owing to the westerlies, there have been frequent damage of concentrated heavy rain on the West coast and the South coast in Honam district in Korea. Especially, there is frequent damage by concentrated heavy rain. So, more studies on the southwest coast in Honam district must be done.
This study interprets the characteristics of the concentrated heavy rain which frequently happens in Honam district lately. It is due to instable atmosphere around mT after the summer changma, low level convergence zone(850hPa), geographical features and so on.
The period of the research is ten years. The concentrated heavy rain which is generated with contracting mT and expanding mT when Honam district is located around the mT is selected as case.
Synoptic characteristics of the regional rainfall are analyzed about the selected data of the concentrated heavy rain. And this study concentrates on numerical model analysis based on the data of the KLAPS using FAS for mesoscale analysis.
This study would contribute to improve the forecast of concentrated heavy rain around the mT which has relatively low forecast compared with typhoon, stationary front and cyclonic concentrated heavy rain.
Result : During the expanding or contracting process of the North Pacific High, the weather has drastic changes by the instable vertical structure on atmosphere when Honam district locates on that surroundings and then concentrated heavy rain is generated by the activating mechanism of the rainfall inflowing lots of vapor from the Southwest.
During this period, concentrated heavy rain at the moment of contracting period in mT has more rainfall amounts than that of expanding period in mT, and there are wider rainfall areas during the same period. Also, it has the high incidence of concentrated heavy rain at the moment of contracting period in mT than expanding period, and the study shows that concentrated heavy rain could be influenced by the geographical features such as mountain ranges, and so on.
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A Study on the Characteristics of the Heavy Rainfall Events in Honam District along the Border fo mT Airmass
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Yang, Se Hwan
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 대기과학과
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제1장 서론 1
제2장 자료 및 연구방법 4
제1절 자료 4
제2절 연구방법 10
제3장 결과 12
제1절 mT 수축시 mT 연변에서의 호남지방 집중호우 특징 12
1. 호우현황 12
2. 일기도 분석 15
3. 원격탐사 분석 18
4. 보조일기도 분석 22
5. 3차원 분석 시스템(KLAPS) 분석 25
제2절 mT 확장시 mT 연변에서의 호남지방 집중호우 특징 30
1. 호우현황 30
2. 일기도 분석 33
3. 원격탐사 분석 36
4. 보조일기도 분석 40
5. 3차원 분석 시스템(KLAPS) 분석 43
제4장 결론 50
참고문헌 52
조선대학교 일반대학원
양세환. (2010). mT 연변에서의 호남지방 집중호우 특성에 관한 연구.
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