일엽초 열 수 추출물과 메탄올 추출물에 의한 항암효과에 대한 연구

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Currently, many researchers reported that oral squamous cell carcinomas in Korea patients have a high level of Cyclooxygenase(COX)-2 expression when compared with normal mucosa. And, induced Cox-2 by stimuli such as cytokines and growth factors is involved in various inflammation and in variouse cancer tissue and is known as one of the critical factor in carcinomas of vaiouse organs.
Treatment of oral cancers with chemotherapeutic agents are evalulated as an effective method for remission to reduce cancer proliferation nowadays. But, minimization of side effects such as bone marrow supression, gastrointestinal toxicity and renal damage is another problem to be solved. Thus, a possible approach to develop a clinically applicable chemotherapeutic agents is to screen anticancer activity among traditional medicinal plants which have been used for thousands of years with very low side-effects in orient. Among them, Lepisorus thunvergians have been traditionally used in oriental folk medicine for the treatment of hemostasis, diuretic effect, inflammation of the (urinary) bladder, inflammatory diseases. In this study we focused on anti-oral cancer activities of Lepisorus thunvergians, which was medicinal plant extracts that was revealed anticancer activities on KB cell line.
In this results, treated KB cells experimental groups with Lepisorus thunvergians extracts showed significant concentration dependent growth inhibition(concentration range; 125~500 μg/ml). And then, cell proliferation inhibition by methanol extracts of Lepisorus thunvergians is more effective to boiled extracts of Lepisorus thunvergians in KB cells. The expression levels of cox-2 protein as cancerous marker were significantly decreased by boiled extracts and methanol extracts of Lepisorus thunvergians.
These data suggest that extracts of Lepisorus thunvergians may play a role in management of oral carcinoma by independent cytotoxic effects and more advanced research must processed confirming anti-cancerous effects.
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The study of anti-cancer effects by boiled and methanol extracts of Lepisorus thunvergians
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Jang, Young Hee
조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 대체의학과
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장영희. (2009). 일엽초 열 수 추출물과 메탄올 추출물에 의한 항암효과에 대한 연구.
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