두통치료시 침구처방의 경락경혈 빈도에 관한 문헌고찰

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Headache is the generic term for pain from head. This trouble's symptom is an ache from partial or whole part of head. Headache could have a wide range which are front and rear, right and left, interior and exterior, neurological and psychological. It is classified by origin of pain and cause, also that could make various symptoms.
Therefore the formula of acupuncture medical cure for headache is used differently in case by case, the frequency of which spots on the body suitable for acupuncture were used in cases will study in this research by literature investigation.
This research was based on major eastern medicine publications about 59 of 70 books.
We have got following conclusion from literature investigation about acupuncture medical cure spots on the body suitable for acupuncture according to causes and region of headache.
First, three Yang meridian pathways and Dokmac were usually used in headache classified by region,
Secondly, by causes, spots on the body suitable for acupuncture on head and Yang meridian pathways were used for external wound, when spots on the body suitable for acupuncture on extrimities and trunk and Yin meridian pathways were used internal one.
Thirdly, Habgok and Yulgeol were high using spots on the body suitable for acupuncture for many cases, specially Yoekan for external wound, and Bamhol for internal wound.
Fourth, frequency of using Yang meridian pathways were hold in dominant 3.5 times over that of Yin meridian pathways.
Fifth, as sorted by six meridian pathways, Soyang meridian pathways was most frequently used one(33.2%) and next one was Yangmyung meridian pathways(24.5%) in whole six meridian pathways.
For more effective headache cure, the result of this research is suggested to clinical practice.
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The Treatise Research about Frequency Meridian Pathways and Acupuncture Point for Symptoms of Headache
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Lee, Sung Jin
조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

표 목차

제1장 서 론 1

제1절 연구의 목적 1

제2절 조사자료와 연구방법 2
1. 조사자료 2
2. 연구방법 5

제2장 본 론 6

제1절 두통전반의 침구처방 6
1. 원전 및 중의문헌에 제시된 두통전반의 침구처방 6
2. 국내문헌에 제시된 두통전반의 침구처방 6

제2절 두통의 부위별 침구처방 9
1. 전정통 9
2. 미릉골통 10
3. 전두통 11
4. 편두통 12
5. 후두통 14
6. 두중통 15

제3절 두통의 외감원인별 침구처방 16
1. 외감풍사두통 16
2. 풍한두통 17
3. 풍열두통 18
4. 한열두통 18
5. 풍습두통 18

제4절 두통의 내상원인별 침구처방 19
1. 기혈허두통 20
2. 신허두통 20
3. 담습두통 21
4. 열궐두통 22
5. 칠정두통 22
6. 기체혈어두통 22
7. 궐역 및 간양상항두통 23
8. 취후두통 24

제5절 부위별 및 원인별 침구처방의 경혈 선용빈도 25
1. 부위별 침구처방의 경혈 선용빈도 25
2. 원인별 침구처방의 경혈 선용빈도 27
가. 외감원인별 침구처방 27
나. 내상원인별 침구처방 28

제6절 근위경혈과 원위경혈의 분류 및 선용빈도 29
1. 부위별 침구처방의 근위・원위경혈 29
2. 원인별 침구처방의 근위・원위경혈 31
가. 외감원인별 침구처방의 근위・원위경혈 31
나. 내상원인별 침구처방의 근위・원위경혈 33

제7절 십사경맥별 선용빈도 35
1. 부위별 침구처방의 십사경맥별 선용빈도 35
2. 원인별 침구처방의 십사경맥별 선용빈도 37
가. 외감원인별 침구처방 37
나. 내상원인별 침구처방 38
3. 두통 전반에 관한 침구처방의 십사경맥별 선용빈도 40

제8절 육경맥별 및 음양경맥별 선용빈도 43

제3장 고 찰 46

제4장 결 론 54

참고문헌 55
이성진. (2009). 두통치료시 침구처방의 경락경혈 빈도에 관한 문헌고찰.
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