스퍼터링 공정조건에 따른 CdTe 박막의 표면 균일도 특성

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박 주 선
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CdTe thin-film solar cell technology is theoretically well known that it can improve the conversion efficiency and production costs compared to the conventional silicon solar cell technology, due to its optical band gap energy (about 1.4eV) for solar energy absorption, high light absorption capability and low cost requirements for producing solar cells. For low efficiency of the conventional photovoltaic cells with some problems in the fabrication at large-area, CdTe has been widely researched as the suitable material for the commercialization.
In this study, the sputtering method, which can improve the cost-efficiency and mass production of solar cells, was employed to deposit the CdTe thin film on the substrates with the various processing conditions such as vacuum pressure and RF-power. The non-uniformity and surface morphology were analyzed using Ellipsometery and atomic force microscope (AFM) in surface of CdTe thin-films deposited with the various processing conditions. As compare to non-uniformity and surface-morphology in these processes conditions, it was divided into conditions for good result processes and bad one. Considering each average rates of deposition, these selected processes conditions were deposited again and made a comparative study on optical and electrical characteristics. To compare to optical characteristics, we measured absorbance of CdTe thin films and it is measured Hall Effect to compare for electrical characteristics.
Through the comparison from these results by studying the efficiency influenced by the uniformity and surface characteristics of CdTe thin film on the electrical and optical properties of CdTe thin-film solar cell, it is to find the relationship between the surface-uniformity and the photovoltaic properties of CdTe thin-film solar cell as well as the optimized process conditions for application of CdTe solar cell’s fabrication of large area using sputtering.
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Surface-uniformity Property of CdTe Thin Film by Sputtering Process Conditions
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Park, Ju-Sun
일반대학원 전기공학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1
II. 이론적 배경 3
A. CdTe 박막 태양전지 3
B. Sputter의 원리 7
C. CdTe 박막의 광특성과 전기 특성 9
III. 실험 및 측정 12
A. 실험 준비 12
1. Sputter의 신뢰성 12
2. CdTe 박막의 제작 18
B. CdTe 박막의 특성 측정 19
1. Ellipsometry를 이용한 두께 및 균일도 측정 19
2. AFM을 이용한 박막의 표면 특성 측정 21
3. 흡광도를 이용한 박막의 광특성 측정 22
4. Hall Effect를 이용한 박막의 전기 특성 측정 23
IV. 결과 및 고찰 24
A. CdTe 박막의 두께 및 표면 균일도 분석 24
B. CdTe 박막의 표면 특성 분석 및 공정조건 선별 28
C. CdTe 박막의 광특성 분석 33
D. CdTe 박막의 전기 특성 분석 35
V. 결 론 37
참고문헌 39
박 주 선. (2009). 스퍼터링 공정조건에 따른 CdTe 박막의 표면 균일도 특성.
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