고분자 튜브용 단축압출기의 Breaker Plate 형상에 따른 성능평가 및 CFD 해석

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Many experiments and various simulation techniques are used for the analysises of models used for extrusion modeling in these days. Especially the 3-dimensional technique is used widely among them.
We usually use the 3-dimensional technique because the simple 2-dimensional analytical technique can't perform the analysis of the model which has complicated shape structure. As a result, the 3-dimensional technique is used for the extrusion molding of complicated structure, measurement of friction and density, and appiled mechanism of polymer resin. Can divide into bisk kind extruder and screw extruder if divide greatly extruder by basic.
To use to pump that carry water and oil as plastic extrusion simplicity of utilization be but thing which is used most these day is screw extruder. Use of screw is using at a lot of extrusion processes.
Extrusion process is becoming use that is much in complex processing and process to charge shape or form of various material with , plastic material, medicine material, food material, polymer composite material, iron and ceramics powder material etc.
Also, because material correction of deformities by flow and physicochemical reaction phenomenon according to heat transfer and so on of material at extrusion process is available, become fearful. And various material comes to hopper because extruder has function by blender and mixing of materials can go well before come out through dice.
These change process is so complicated that process condition is decided by trial and error that process condition is underground mainly at extrusion molding process.
Single screw extruder that is used widely at process of this extruder mixing rate of material drops than multi axles screw but facilities investment rain and working expenses do not cost much and screw is raw material supply wealth (Feed zone) that is part that structure in-put material of solid state usually, and material of solid state melting (Transition zone), solid material that is done part perfection melting to three parts of measuring stoker (Metering zone) who is transfer in done state attain.
These metering zone need research on dynamic characteristic of screw to be place to heighten design of extrusion process and process productivity as central part of single screw extruder control. And dynamic characteristic analysis about dice that end product turns must attain.
Specially, access method is very important crystallinity numerical analysis enemy of optimum screw design and optimum process condition and a seen treatise wishes to achieve numerical analysis that consider dice at the same time with metering zone of personal use single screw extruder.
Alternative Title
Efficiency Test Rating and CFD Analysis according to the Breaker Plate shape of Polymer Tube Single-Axis Extruder
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Choi, Jin Ho
조선대학교 일반대학원 첨단부품소재공학과
일반대학원 첨단부품소재공학과
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Table Of Contents

제 1 장 서 론 1
제 1 절 연구배경 1
제 2 절 연구목적 및 동향 3
제 3 절 연구방법 5

제 2 장 CFD의 이론적 고찰 8
제 1 절 CFD의 정의 및 소개 8
1. 전산유체역학의 수치해석기법 8
제 2 절 CFD 해석 프로그램 10
1. CFdesign의 구성 10
2. CFdesign의 수치해석기법 11
가. 지배방정식 11
나. 경계조건 14
다. 점성모델 15

제 3 장 해석대상 및 설계형상 16
제 1 절 해석대상 16
제 2 절 압출 시스템 설계형상 17
1. 단축 스크류 설계형상 17
2. 다이스 설계형상 19
3. Breaker Plate 설계형상 20

제 4 장 압출기 시뮬레이션 및 성능실험 21
제 1 절 시제작 모델링 및 변형모델링 시뮬레이션 구성 21
1. 단축 스크류 모델링 설계 21
2. 다이스 모델링 설계 22
3. Breaker Plate 모델링 설계 23
4. 고분자 모델 25
5. 시뮬레이션 수행방법 및 결과검출 26
제 2 절 압출기의 성능실험 구성 및 방법 34
1. 압출기 시스템 구성 34
2. 성능실험 방법 35
3. 성능실험 결과 36
제 3 절 데이터 비교분석 및 고찰 37

제 5 장 결론 40

References 42
최진호. (2009). 고분자 튜브용 단축압출기의 Breaker Plate 형상에 따른 성능평가 및 CFD 해석.
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