Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 Op.24 "Spring"에 관한 분석 연구

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Beethoven's creation period is categorized into three periods and his Violin Sonata op. No. 24 “Spring”belongs to Period 1 when he composed music according to classical tradition of the 18th century. The “Spring” shows liberal personality of the composer and lyrical and romantic senses.
This study examines Beethoven's life, music, periods of creation and musical features, and analyses each movement of “Spring” in detail. The results will be used for more effective performance of the sonata.
Beethoven's sonata titled “Spring” alternates the relations of theme and response between the violin and the piano.
Movement 1 in F major is quardruple and is composed of exposition-development-recapitulation in a sonata form. It has a different structure from previous sonatas in which one theme appears in two expositions. Theme 1 begins with the violin that expresses clear and beautiful melodies.
Movement 2 is adagio in B-flat and is compose of A-B-A' of three-quarter time. Here, the violin plays free melodies of the piano in comfort.
The formant of Movement 2 is similar to that of Movement 1, and an emphasis is given on the melodies of the piano and the violin has an ornamental feature such as Obbligato.
Movement 3 in F major is three-quarter time and is composed of short and concise three parts : A- scherzo, B-trio and A'-scherzo. It is played cheerfully and lightly in a movement of scherzo that was first attempted by Beethoven. In particular, in the trio, simple chordal passages of up and down expresses the effect of scherzo effectively.
Movement 4 is F major with a form of Rondo and Sonata of two-two time, and the longest. It uses repetitive formats in which accompaniment and melodies repeat in same forms and has more polyphonic features.
This sonata is consistent as the motive of the Movement 1 is used for all the movements except Movement 3 focusing on Movement 1 and Movement 5 Although there is some difference according to interpretations of players, “Violin Sonata No.5 in F Major, Op.24” should be played to express bright, warm, lyric and romantic senses as known through the sub-title of “Spring”
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A Study of Violin Sonata No.5 Op.24 by Ludwig van Beethoven
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Son Seo Kyoung
조선대학교 대학원 음악학과
일반대학원 음악학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

Ⅰ. 서론 ·························································1
A. 연구목적 ·························································1
B. 연구내용 ·························································2

Ⅱ. Ludwig van Beethoven의 생애와 시기별 작품···········3

Ⅲ. Beethoven Violin Sonata 10곡의 특징·························5

Ⅳ. Violin Sonata No.5 in F Major Op.24 “Spring”의

작품 배경 및 분석 ············································10
A. 작품배경 ····························································10
B. 작품분석 ··························································11
1. 제 1악장 ··························································12
2. 제 2악장 ··························································29
3. 제 3악장 ··························································35
4. 제 4악장 ··························································38

Ⅴ. 결론 ····································································46

참고문헌 ··································································49
손서경. (2009). Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 Op.24 “Spring”에 관한 분석 연구.
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