치주질환으로 내원한 환자의 진료 실태 분석

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As the quality of life is increased, the span of life is increased and the population of advanced age is increased. Though prevalence of periodontal disease of Korea is increasing, it is lack in research on the actual condition. Therefore, we analyzed the actual condition of medical examination and treatments on patients of periodontal disease visiting dental hospital . The purpose of this research is to use this documents as the basic data of nation oral health policy.
Materials and methods:
Computerized information of patients whose information was input in computer department of Chosun dental hospital from 2002 January 1st to 2006 December 31st was frequent-analyzed and mechanically collected statistics with SPSS (ver 10.0). The research on actual condition was objected to 29,420 adults aged over 20years(male 17,605, female 14,674) who visited the hospital with periodontal disease.
1. Total number of medical examination was 2.85 in average. It was 2.10 times in 20's as the lowest number and 3.33 times in 40's as the highest.
2. The frequency of visiting the hospital per person and gender for scaling appeared highest in 50's in both male and female. For prophyaxis, males in their 50's visited the hospital 1.85 times and females of 60's recorded 1.78 times. Males of 30,40's visited the hospital 4.00 times respectively and females of 60's visited the hospital 4.50 times for Root planing. Males of 30's recorded 3.84 times and females of 40's recorded 3.77 times for periodontal currettage. For gingival incision 40's males visited the hospital 4.11 times and 30's females recorded 4.00 times. Males and females in their 40's recorded 4.53 times and 4.63 times respectively for flap curettage.
3. An average visiting frequency per person for non-surgical treatment in adults of over 20 years were as followings. In 20's 1.76times for prophyaxis.. 30'S adults visited 2.76 times for RP. In their 40's, patients visited the hospital for 3.14 times for RP. Patients of 50's recorded 2.01 times for 3.32 times for RP. In 60's 2.71 times for RP were recorded. In 70's the results were 2.98 times for RP.
4. An average frequency of visiting the hospital for surgical treatment per person in adults over 20 years are as followings. In 20's 4.12 times for periodontal curretage, 5.03 times for flap curettage were shown. In their 30's patients visited the hospital 4.54 times for periodontal currettage, 7.01 times for flap curettage. Patients of 40's recored 4.63 times for periodontal currettage, 6.97 times for flap curettage. In 50's the visiting frequency were 4.44 times for periodontal currettage, 5.25 times for flap curettage. The results of 70's were 3.92 times for periodontal currettage, 4.49 times for flap curettage .
5. Average frequencies of medical examination and treatment per person for 5 years were 3.09 times for health insurance payment and 2.07 times for health insurance nonpayment.
As we keep pace with the change from treatment-centered era to prevention-centered era, it is required to expand health insurance payment for more broad prevention-cente
red oral health policy and increase nation oral health.
Alternative Title
Analysis of treatments on periodontal patients
조선대학교 대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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목차 = i
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 연구대상 및 방법 = 4
2.1. 연구대상 = 4
2.2 연구방법 = 4
2.2.1 자료수집 = 4
2.2.2 자료 분류 = 4
2.2.3. 자료분석 방법 = 5
Ⅲ. 연구성적 = 6
3.1. 인구사회학적 특성 = 6
3.2. 연령층에 따른 5년간 평균 내원 횟수 = 6
3.3. 연령과 성별에 따른 처치행위별 평균 내원회수 = 7
3.4.연령과 년도 별에 따른 치석제거 내원횟수의 총합 = 7
3.4.1연령과 년도별에 따른 1인당 평균 내원 횟수 = 8
3.5. 연령에 따른 년도별 치면세마 총 내원횟수 = 8
3.5.1 연령에따른 년도별 치면세마 1인당 평균 내원횟수 = 9
3.6. 연령에따른 년도별 치근활택 총 내원횟수 = 9
3.6.1 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 평균 치근활택 내원횟수 = 10
3.7. 연령에따른 년도별 치주소파 총내원 횟수 = 10
3.7.1. 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 치주소파 평균 내원횟수 = 11
3.8. 연령에 따른 년도별 치은절제 총 내원횟수 = 11
3.8.1 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 치은절제 평균 내원횟수 = 12
3.9. 연령에따른 년도별 치은박리 총 내원횟수 = 12
3.9.1. 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 치주박리 평균 내원횟수 = 13
3.10. 연령에따른 년도별 후처치 총 내원횟수 = 13
3.10.1 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 후처치 평균 내원횟수 = 14
3.11. 연령에따른 년도별 기타처치 총 내원횟수 = 14
3.11.1. 연령에 따른 년도별 1인당 기타처치 평균 내원횟수 = 15
3.12. 연령층에 따른 진료행위별 급여 및 비급여 평균 내원횟수 = 15
3.13. 연도별 1인당 평균 진료건수와 진료비 = 16
3.14. 진료행위별 1인당 평균방문진료비 = 16
3.15. 1회 방문시 비급여 본인부담금의 급여화한 진료비 평균 = 18
3.16. 행위별 1인당 비급여 진료비의 본인부담금과 공단부담금 분류 = 18
3.17. 건강보험급여 소요제정 추계 = 20
Ⅳ. 총괄 및 고안 = 22
Ⅴ. 결론 = 27
참고문헌 = 29
백순미. (2008). 치주질환으로 내원한 환자의 진료 실태 분석.
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