치면열구전색사업 수행 치과위생사의 업무량 분석

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key words : pit and fissure sealing , dental hygienist, work load, questionnaire

Objectives: With improvement in the quality of life, community residents’ interest in and demand for oral health are also increasing. Pit and fissure sealing works are being carried out in order to activate oral health programs for early prevention and management of dental caries, one of major oral diseases. The present study analyzed the work load of dental hygienist in charge of pit and fissure sealing at community oral health fields.

Material and methods: We conducted a questionnaire to 132 dental hygienists of 117 community health (sub-)centers on Gyeongsangnamdo.

1. Among oral health programs promoted by community health centers, the amounts of pit and fissure sealing works is 32%, and fluoride mouth rinsing works is 28.2%.
2. School dental health room has covered 78.8% in working place.
3. The number of work frequency is 1-2 times per week(39.4%).
4. The average time of sealing per tooth was 3-5 minutes, and the average number of teeth sealed was 20-30 per days(30.4%).
5. The average time of pit and fissure sealing works was 3-4 hours per day(35.6%), and the duration of traveling was 10-30 minutes(42.4%).

Conclusions: We need to develop a tool for analyzing dental hygienists’ work load fittingly to the characteristic of community and to evaluate oral health program personnel efficiently.
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조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
Ⅱ. 조사대상 및 방법
2.1. 조사대상 4
2.2. 조사방법 4
2.3. 통계분석 5
Ⅲ. 조사성적
3.1. 응답 치과위생사의 일반적인 특성 6
3.2. 구강보건사업 수행율 및 투여 인력 7
3.2.1. 보건(지)소에서 행해지는 구강보건사업별 백분율 7
3.2.2. 근무부서에 따른 구강보건사업 투여 인력 7
3.3. 치면열구전색사업 업무량 8
3.3.1. 보건(지)소 치면열구전색사업 참여 치과위생사 수 8
3.3.2. 치면열구전색사업 참여 횟수 9
3.3.3. 치과위생사 1일 평균 전색치아 수 9
3.3.4. 치면열구전색사업 수행 치과위생사의 1일 평균 전색시간 10
3.3.5. 치과위생사 1치아당 평균 전색 시간 11
3.3.6. 학교구강보건실 이용자 시술시 이동 소요시간 12
3.4. 치면열구전색사업의 인력현황 파악 12
3.4.1. 사업 수행 치과위생사의 필요 예상 인력 12
3.4.2. 치면열구전색사업 수행 인력 충원 방법 13
3.4.3. 사업 충원 인력의 활용상 애로요인 14
Ⅳ. 총괄 및 고안 15
Ⅴ. 결 론 21
허경옥. (2007). 치면열구전색사업 수행 치과위생사의 업무량 분석.
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