초등학생의 치아우식활성검사를 포함한 계속구강건강관리-12개월 관리

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keyword: caries activity test, primary school children, oral health care

Objectives : The purpose of this study was to evaluated the effectiveness of oral health care including some of dental caries activity test primary school children of dental clinics.
Material and methods : The dental surveys and initial caries control and some of dental caries activity test (Alban's, Lactobacillius, S'mutans, un-stimulation saliva test)were performed by trained dental hygienists with dentist from on 6 to 13 years old patients of S dental clinic in Gwangju Metropolitan Cities. The sample size of 39 children (18 in oral health care group, 21 in control group ) and has accepted to their parents.
Results :
1. The results of caries activity test score( Alban's and Lactobacillius test)was reduced to 1.4-1.6 times in oral health care group(OHCG).
2. Oral Hygiene Simplified Index of OHCG was reduced to 1.6 times during six months and 1 years.
3. DMFT index of OHCG was reduced more 1.4 times than Control Group(CG) after 1 years.
4. DT index of OHCG was reduced more 12 times than Control Group(CG) after 1 years.
5. Dental health capacity of the first perment molar of OHCG was reduced more 1.02 times than CG after 1 years.

Conclusions : From the above the results, long life related incremental oral health care system has reinforced to primary school children in dental clinic with oral health professional teams.
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조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구 필요성 1
Ⅱ. 연구 대상 및 방법 3
2.1 연구대상 3
2.2 연구방법 3
2.3 계속구강건강관리법 8
2.4 구강건강증진효과에 대한 평가 9
2.5 통계분석 9
Ⅲ. 연구 결과 10
3.1 초진시 계속구강건강관리군과 대조군의 치아우식활성도 10
3.2 초진시 계속구강건강관리군과 대조군의 우식경험치지수 10
3.3 우식경험치지수 변화 11
3.4 계속구강건강관리군의 기간에 따른 치아우식활성점수별 변화 12
3.5 계속구강건강관리군의 초진시 치아우식활성도점수별 12개월 경과후 변화 13
3.6 계속구강건강관리군의 기간별 간이구강위생지수의 변화 14
3.7 계속구강건강관리의 효과 15
3.8 제1대구치건강도 변화 15
Ⅳ. 총괄 및 고안 16
Ⅴ. 결 론 24
손은영. (2007). 초등학생의 치아우식활성검사를 포함한 계속구강건강관리-12개월 관리.
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