이력댐퍼를 이용한 연결제진(連結制振)구조물의 지진응답특성

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Earthquake resistant design for the school buildings have become an important issue as a lot of school buildings had been collapsed in the wake of the current Sichuan Province earthquake reaching a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter Scale having been brought about in China in May, 2008, claiming a lot of human lives.

Maintaining safety for the school buildings is important more than anything else as these buildings are an open space for the students to spend most of their time there for school learning and for playing a role of providing emergency shelters against earthquake, typhoon and flooding for the regional citizens as well.

In addition, a new earthquake resistant renewal plan for the school buildings considering learning environment at the same time is required as an open space meeting the requirements of diversified learning patterns is called for as a result of introduction of a new educational method breaking away from the existing classroom patterns while maintaining earthquake resistant safety elements.

Currently, by the suggestion of several new vibration control systems, study on the quantification featuring energy absorption characteristics and the evaluation for the vibration control characteristics of the structures equipped with vibration control system is being progressed extensively. In addition, along with increase of the buildings equipped with diversified vibration control systems, this system is being widely utilized on a gradual basis for the purpose of earthquake resistant renewal and reduced earthquake response to be applied for the existing buildings as well as the newly constructed buildings.

Friction damper, a part of this system, has a high seviceability as this component is cheaper and highly reliable, without temperature dependability of attenuation performance or frequency dependability. Furthermore, design freedom for the designers could be expanded at the time of designing interaction vibration control structures since magnitude of initial strength or yield strength could be adjusted depending on the magnitude of applied tension.

Therefore, in this study, a interaction vibration control system is suggested for the school building renewal based on the difference of displaced response of the adjacent two buildings by utilizing friction dampers with a view to verifying earthquake resistant performance of the suggested interaction vibration control system.
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Seismic Performance of Interaction Vibration Control System Using Hysteresis Damper
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일반대학원 건축공학과
일반대학원 건축공학과
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Table Of Contents

기호, 용어

제1장 서론
1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
1.2 기존의 연구 2

제2장 전단형마찰댐퍼(Shear type friction damper)의 특성과 준정적(準靜的, Quasi-static) 재하실험
2.1 전단형마찰댐퍼의 개요 3
2.2 재하실험계획 4
2.2.1 실험체 4
2.2.2 재하목표변위 9
2.2.3 가력방법 11
2.2.4 측정방법 11
2.3 실험결과 13
2.3.1 준정적 일방향 재하실험(Monotonic Loading Test)의 결과 13
2.3.2 준정적 양방향 재하실험(Cyclic Loading Test)의 결과 15
2.3.3 미끄럼계수의 변동 특성 26
2.3.4 볼트 초기도입장력(導入張力)의 거동 26
2.3.5 미끄럼면의 마모 28
2.3.6 마찰음 31
2.4 마찰댐퍼의 복원력 특성 모델 31
2.4.1 해석모델(완전탄소성모델) 31
2.4.2 해석결과 31

제3장 연결제진(連結制振)구조물의 지진 응답 해석
3.1 연결제진(連結制振)구조물의 지진 응답 해석 개요 34
3.1.1 운동방정식 34
3.1.2 시간이력 지진응답해석 37
3.2 연결제진(連結制振)구조물의 해석모델 39

제4장 제진성능(制振性能)곡선
4.1 제진성능곡선 42
4.2 해석결과 44

제5장 Sub-structure Online Test
5.1 Sub-structure online 지진응답실험의 개요 91
5.2 연결제진구조물의 모델화 91
5.3 연결제진구조물의 online 지진응답실험 94
5.3.1 시뮬레이션(Simulation) 모델의 설정 94
5.3.2 온라인해석 결과 94

제6장 결론 100

참고문헌 101

1. 마찰댐퍼 실험 사진 103
2. 추가해석 데이터 106
김현수. (2008). 이력댐퍼를 이용한 연결제진(連結制振)구조물의 지진응답특성.
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