전문가 치면세균막관리법을 이용한 구취감소효과

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Key word : volatile sulfur compounds, plague control , malodor

Objectives : Malodor, defined as an unpleasant oral odor, is a commonly experienced condition with a variety of etiologically factors and may cause a significant social or psychological handicap to those suffering from it. The aim of this study was evaluated to effect: reduced malodor using a professional plague control
Material and methods : This sample has a visiting patient of Dept. preventive dentistry on the Chosun University dental hospital during 2002-2004. The samples are 64 selected patients (F:37, M:27) who came to the hospital on account of malodor, have not physical disease and medication records. This patients has treated scaling, TBI especially tooth pick method with volatile sulfur compounds(VSC) and visited 3times per 2 weeks.

Results :
1. In Serious malodor group, Hydrogen sulfide was reduced about 10 times after 2 weeks(p>0.05).
2. In middle malodor group, Dimethyl sulfide was reduced more about 10 times after 4 weeks(p<0.05) and in week malodor group, Methyl mercaptan was reduced about 10 times after 4 weeks(p<0.05).
3. There was no difference of VSC in all groups(p<0.05).
4. After 4 weeks, total volume of VSCs reduced 18 times in serious malodor group, 1.2 times in middle-malodor group, 3.5 times in weeks maldor group, 2 times in threshold or malodor strangeness group(p<0.05).
5. The mean of reduced pocket depth was 0.27mm, the rate of reduced bleeding on probing was 16.54%.

In conclusion : From this result, this study suggests that professional plague control method which is the reduction of malodor should be reinforced to increase oral health.
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조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론 1
II. 연구대상 및 방법
2.1. 연구대상 3
2.2. 연구방법 4
2.3. 통계분석 5
III. 연구성적
3.1. 구취측정결과 6
3.1.1. 구취측정 판정기준 6
3.1.2. 황화수소의 측정결과 7
3.1.3. 메틸머캡탄의 측정결과 7
3.1.4. 황화디메틸의 측정결과 8
3.1.5. 황화수소의 성별에 따른 측정결과 9
3.1.6. 메틸머캡탄의 성별에 따른 측정결과 10
3.1.7. 황화디메틸의 성별에 따른 측정결과 11
3.1.8. 초진시와 2주후 측정결과의 평균차 12
3.1.9. 2주후와 4주후 측정결과의 평균차 12
3.1.10. 초진시와 4주후 측정결과의 평균차 13
3.1.11. 휘발성황화합물의 총량 측정결과 14
3.2. 치주상태변화 14
IV. 총괄 및 고안 15
V. 결 론 19
김서연. (2007). 전문가 치면세균막관리법을 이용한 구취감소효과.
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