생쥐 피부에서 모낭 주기에 따른 MUDENG의 발현연구

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Cell death is a key pathway to remove the damaged cells, harmful cells, and unnecessary cells. Apoptosis is a well-defined type of cell death in terms of morphological changes and associated-known factors. Mu-2 related death-inducing gene (MUDENG) was found as an effort to identify an apoptosis-inducing factor. It has been shown that ectopic expression of MUDENG induces apoptosis in various cells including Jurkat T cells. To examine the role of MUDENG, the expression patterns of MUDENG in various mouse tissues using MUDENG monoclonal antibody were investigated by immunohistochemical staining. I found that MUDENG is expressed in most of tissues including intestine, immune system, lung, testis, ovary and skin. Especially in skin, MUDENG is highly expressed in sebaceous gland, some regions in outer root sheet but little or not in other cell types of hair follicle. Outer root sheath shows the different expression patterns in the stages of hair follicle. These results suggest that MUDENG plays a role in sebaceous gland metabolism and hair follicle cycle. Altogether MUDENG may take part in developing alopecia.
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The study of MUDENG expression in mouse skin hair follicle cycle.
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Mi Sung Kim
일반대학원 의학과
일반대학원 의학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서론 2
II. 실험 재료와 방법 7
1. 조직채취 7
1) 검체 7
2) 조직 체취 및 고정, 파라핀 절편 7
2. Immunohistochemistry 7
1) 항체 및 시약 7
2) IHC 과정 7
III. 결과 11
1. Mouse 각 장기에서 MUDENG의 발현 양상 11
1) 생식기계에서 MUDENG의 발현양상 11
2) 위장관계에서 MUDENG의 발현양상 11
3) 면역계에서 MUDENG의 발현양상 12
4) 폐와 이자에서 MUDENG의 발현양상 12
5) 혈관과 피부에서 MUDENG의 발현양상 17
2. Mouse 피부에서 주령에 따른 MUDENG 발현 변화 19
1) BALB/c 피부에서 주령에 따른 MUDENG 발현 변화 19
(1) BALB/c 4주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 19
(2) BALB/c 8주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 19
(3) BALB/c 12주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 20
(4) BALB/c 24주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 20
2) Hairless mouse 피부에서 주령에 따른 MUDENG 발현 변화 23
(1) Hairless mouse 2주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 23
(2) Hairless mouse 3주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 23
(3) Hairless mouse 4주령 피부에서 MUDENG 발현 23
IV. 고찰 28
참고문헌 29
김미성. (2008). 생쥐 피부에서 모낭 주기에 따른 MUDENG의 발현연구.
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