알레르기 질환의 발생원인 물질에 대한 연구

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Among the food and inhalants which caused allergy, which is increasing nowaday, this research has a purpose of studying Allergen, or Allergy-causing materials which most frequently cause allergy.
In order to conduct this research, we selected one hundred patients(M : F = 65 : 35) from several general hospitals in Kwangju, who were tested through Mast immunoblot method. According to the test, the total IgE positive rate (above Class 2) from the Inhalant is 58.3%, and that from food is 35%, respectively.
This research shows that the first most allergen is the tick(Derm. farinae/ Derm. pteronyss), the second most is housedust, and the third is the hair of pets such as cats and dogs; 52.5%, 40.0%, 50.0%, at food panel, and 35.0%, 65.0%, 26.6% in inhalant panel, respectively.
Before determining whether Alternative Medicine is accepted or not, we should demonstrate Alternative Medicine scientifically and grasp its practices. But very few researches have done on Alternative Medicine in the country. Considering the effects which Alternative Medicine will have on civil hygienic environments in the future, we should keep on studying further on Alternative Medicine.

key wards: Allergy, Allergy-MAST test
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조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.서론 1
Ⅱ. 재료 및 방법 5
Ⅱ-1. 재료 5
Ⅱ-2. Mast allergy panel 모델 5
Ⅱ-3. 방법 8
Ⅱ-4. 알레르기 병력조사 및 진찰소견 8
Ⅱ-5. MAST Immunoblot assay 9
Ⅱ-6. MAST Immunoblot assay 검사장비 9
Ⅱ-7. MAST Immunoblot assay 검사원리 9
Ⅱ-8. MAST Immunoblot assay 검사방법 10
Ⅱ-9. 검체 적정도 10
Ⅱ-10. 보고방법 11
Ⅲ. 실 험 결 과 12
Ⅲ-1. Allergy-MAST test의 Class분류에 따른 Total IgE 양성율 12
Ⅲ-2. Allergy-MAST allergy food test의 양성률 13
Ⅲ-3. Allergy-MAST allergy inhalant test의 양성률 15
Ⅲ-4. Allergy-MAST test의 연령대별 양성률(Food) 17
Ⅲ-5. Allergy-MAST test의 연령대별 양성률(Inhalant) 18
Ⅲ-6. 서로 중복된 검사중 Class2 이상 연령대별 Mast Allergy Food, Inhalant test result 20
Ⅳ. 고찰 22
참 고 문 헌 37
김연. (2007). 알레르기 질환의 발생원인 물질에 대한 연구.
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