특정공포증에 적용한 에너지심리학 중재(EFTTM)의 효과

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Specific phobias rank the most prevalent anxiety disorders and they are thought to be among the most treatable of the psychological disorders, especially from a behavioral perspective. In spite of the fact that persons diagnosed are often severely handicapped by their phobia, few seek help. Furthermore surprisingly few controlled outcome studies have been conducted with individuals with DSM-diagnosed specific phobia. Recently an Energy Psychology Intervention, Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) has been studied and used as the treatment of choice of specific phobias but there have been only a few studies exploring its clinical potential.
The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of one 60-minute group Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) session on 24 college students with specific phobias. Within that group, 22 were women and 2 were men. Participants were randomly assigned to a 60-minute EFT group therapy or quiet reading(wait-list control).
The measurements administered by an independent assessor were subjective units of disturbance(SUD), (Wolpe, 1969), Behavioral Approach Task (BAT), (Wolpe & Lang, 1964) and a Pulse rate.
Results revealed a significant difference pre- and posttreatment as measured by SUD, BAT and a Pulse rate(p<.001). Therefore, this results of study support the effectiveness of Energy Psychology Intervention(EFT) in reducing anxiety on specific phobias.
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The Effect of an Energy Psychology Intervention(EFTTM) on Specific Phobias
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Jung, Hye-Sook
조선대학교 환경보건대학원
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서론 = 1
1. 연구의 필요성 = 1
2. 연구의 목적 = 5
3. 연구가설 = 5
4. 용어의 정의 = 6
Ⅱ. 문헌고찰 = 8
1. 특정공포증 = 8
2. 에너지심리학 = 14
3. Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) = 16
Ⅲ. 연구 방법 = 20
1. 연구 대상 = 20
2. 연구 도구 = 20
3. 연구 절차 = 22
4. EFT 적용 프로토콜 = 24
5. 자료분석 = 25
Ⅳ. 연구결과 = 27
1. EFT요법 집단과 통제 집단의 실험 실시 전 비교 = 27
2. 특정공포증에 대한 EFT요법의 효과 = 28
Ⅴ. 결론 및 제언 = 35
1. 결론 = 35
2. 제언 = 36
참고문헌 = 37
부록 = 43
조선대학교 환경보건대학원
정혜숙. (2006). 특정공포증에 적용한 에너지심리학 중재(EFTTM)의 효과.
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