치면소와열구전색사업 실태 및 수행 구강위생사의 인지도 조사

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For the improvement of national dental health, it is important to take care the first molar from the age of primary school. For the improvement of the dental health level of primary school students, as a project of national health projects, the pit and fissure sealing is ongoing and expanded to the entire nation. It is necessary to survey and analyze the awareness of dental hygienists hired at the health center and apply the information as the basic information to improvement of national dental health policies. Therefore, by surveying and analyzing the awareness level of dental hygienists who carrying out the pit and fissure sealing project in 20 areas of Gyeongsangnam-do.
The results are as follows :
1. The sealing performed at the agency office was 28.6%, and the sealing performed at school away from the office was 71.4%.
2. The number of fissure sealing days according to dental hygienists was that 1?2days per week was 46.9% and less than one day per week was 33.6% (p<0.05).
3. In regard to the mean number of fissure sealings per day, dental hygienists were 32.0 and dentists were 16.83, and concerning the sealing time(hour), dental hygienists were 3.65, dentistㆍdental hygienists were 2.75, and dentists were 1.98.
4. In regard to the content of the education for individuals to be sealed, the effectiveness was 74.2% (p<0.01).
5. The evaluation rate of the project was 58.9% (p<0.01) and the evaluation of the duration rate of the sealing was 77.0%.
6. As the policy of maintenance system, regular re-examinations and re-sealing were 61.4%, and performing oral health education was 28.3% (p<0.05).
7. As the supplement points of the project, transportation benepits and a ride(3.99±1.24), the increase of the oral health project budget(3.97±1.11), the duty education of dental hygienists, additional hiring of hygienists, etc.
8.As suggestions to the national oralhealth policy, the establishment of the quotaby law upon the expansion of the school oral healthroom in school (4.78±0.52), to station dental hygienists in change of oral health administration(4.54±0.96), etc.
It was considered that the pitand fissure sealing plan of primary school children should be reflected actively on the improvement and adjustment of oral health policy that could be developed continuously.
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A study on the utilization and awareness of dental hygienist of pit and fissure sealing work
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Jeong, Soon-ok
조선대학교 보건대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 조사대상 및 방법 = 4
2.1. 조사대상 = 4
2.2. 조사방법 = 4
Ⅲ. 조사성적 = 6
3.1. 경상남도의 연도별 치면소와열구전색 실적 = 6
3.2. 조사대상 구강위생사의 일반적 특성 = 6
3.2.1. 응답구강위생사의 연령계층별·근속기간별 구성 = 6
3.2.2. 응답구강위생사의 소속부서별·근속기간별 구성 = 7
3.2.3. 소속부서별·전색장소별 치면소와열구전색사업 수행자율 = 7
3.3. 치면소와열구전색사업 운영실태 관련 = 8
3.3.1. 치면소와열구전색사업 수행자율 = 8
3.3.2. 치면소와열구전색사업 수행자별 주당 전색일수 = 9
3.3.3. 전색자별 1인당 1일 평균 치면소와열구전색 치아 수 = 9
3.3.4. 전색자별 1일 평균치면소와열구 전색시간 = 9
3.4. 치면소와열구전색사업에 대한 직무수행 = 10
3.4.1. 치면소와열구전색자별 사업관련 교육내용 = 10
3.4.2. 치면소와열구전색사업 수행자의 전색지속정도 평가자율 = 11
3.4.3. 치면소와열구전색사업 평가방법 = 11
3.4.4. 치면소와열구전색사업 평가시기 = 12
3.4.5. 치면소와열구전색사업 평가 불이행 이유 = 12
3.5. 치면소와열구전색사업 수행과정 제약요인 관련 = 13
3.5.1. 치면소와열구전색사업 수행과정 제약요인 인지율 = 13
3.5.2. 제약요인별 치면소와열구전색사업 수행제약요인 순위 = 13
3.5.3. 전색자별 치면소와열구전색사업 수행제약요인 존재인지순위 = 14
3.5.4. 치면소와열구전색사업 지속관리방법 = 15
3.5.5. 치면소와열구전색사업 보완점별 우선순위 = 15
3.5.6. 건의구강보건정책별 건의강도별 구강위생사율 = 16
Ⅳ. 총괄 및 고안 = 18
Ⅴ. 결론 = 27
참고문헌 = 28
부록(설문지) = 31
조선대학교 보건대학원
정순옥. (2006). 치면소와열구전색사업 실태 및 수행 구강위생사의 인지도 조사.
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