한국 12세 아동의 치아우식경험충전 실태 분석

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Most of research related denteal caries were based on the incidence rate of its and the effects of preventive method up to the present. Yet, in fact, there are hardly any research case on the treatment results of dental caries carried out in dental clinics. To provide basic data for a midterm & long-term policy on the research project to promote oral health for 12-year children and the development of 21-century oral health improvement.
The current status of dental caries treatment analysis of health insurance has been analyzed from Jan. 1, 2001 to Jun 31. 2003, subjecting 12-year children visiting to dental clinics.
The results were as follows;
1. 16.46% out of total health insurance patients of 12 years old has received a filling treatment due to dental caries in 2001 and 14.81% in 2002 accordingly.
2. 12 years old children of received dental caries treatment has 2.88 filled teeth per person in average in 2001, 2.88 in 2002, and 2.95 in 2003.
3. According to tooth surface for 30 months of total survey, filling surface rates are 1st surface 54.01%, 2nd surface 39.84%, 3rd surface 5.61% and 4th surface 0.72%.
4. As the mean rate of filling materials, amalgam filling has been used 88.19%, while composite resin has been used 11.81%.
5. The time of dental caries treatment was mainly done after oral check up yearly or during vacations.
6. The one visit filling rates was annually done at 84.70% and pulp capping after endodontic treatment was annually done at 15.30% .
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Filled teeth analysis of 12 years old children in Korea
조선대학교 대학원
보건대학원 보건학과
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조문희. (2004). 한국 12세 아동의 치아우식경험충전 실태 분석.
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