감각형 인터페이스를 이용한 치아 임플란트 시술 시뮬레이션 방안

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Current surgeon dentists heavily rely on their experiential judgments from the oral plaster casts and the medical images of patients to determine the positions and directions of implant fixtures and to perform drilling tasks during dental implant surgical operations. This approach, however, may cause some errors and deteriorate the quality of dental implants. Presented in this thesis is an approach of 3D dental implant simulation in order to alleviate the shortcomings of the conventional approach. In the presented approach, 3D simulator is constructed to visualize dental implant information obtained from medical images, and a tangible interface device is combined to provide the realistic experience of the information. The dental implant information can be obtained by three phases: In the first phase, we constructed 3D mesh models for jawbone, teeth and nerve curves from dental images with the help of software Mimics. In the second phase, we selected suitable types of implant fixtures from fixture database and determine the positions and directions of the implant fixtures from the 3D mesh models and the dental images with the help of Simplant software. In the third phase, we constructed the 3D model of a tool guiding the drilling operation based on the geometry of the jawbone and the teeth of interest. The dental implant information is visualized and combined with the tangible interface device in the downstream application phase. In the dental implant 3D simulation, the user can see and touch the 3D models related with dental implant surgery. Furthermore, he or she can experience drilling paths to make holes where fixtures are implanted. A preliminary user study shows that the presented approach can be used to provide dental students with good educational contents. For future work, it is expected to utilize the proposed approach in clinical studies of dental implant surgery.
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Dental Implant Surgery Simulation Using Tangible User Interface
Alternative Author(s)
Park hyungwook
일반대학원 산업공학
일반대학원 산업공학과
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Table Of Contents
그림 목차
표 목차
제 1 장. 서 론
1.1 연구 배경
1.2 연구 목적
1.3 논문 구성
제 2 장. 치아 임플란트 시술을 위한
기존 연구 분석
제 3 장. 치아 임플란트 가상 시술 방안
3.1 가상 시술 방안 개요
3.2 의료영상으로부터 CAD Data 획득
3.2.1 턱뼈 3D 모델 획득
3.2.2 가상 치아 3D 모델 획득
3.2.3 신경관 3D 모델 획득
3.3 임플란트 식립자세 및 위치선정
3.3.1 임플란트 선정
3.3.2 임플란트 식립 자세 결정
3.4 시술용 보조도구 획득
3.5 치아 임플란트 시술정보 시각화
3.6 감각형 인터페이스 장치 활용
3.6.1 사용된 감각형 인터페이스 장치
3.6.2 감각형 인터페이스 장치 활용 방안
제 4 장. 시스템 구현 및 적용
4.1 시스템 사용성 평가
4.2 실험 결과 및 분석
제 5 장. 결 론
참고 문헌
감사의 글
박형욱. (2008). 감각형 인터페이스를 이용한 치아 임플란트 시술 시뮬레이션 방안.
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