韓ㆍ中 貿易紛爭과 韓國의 對應方案

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China and South Korea since August 24, 1992 to formally establish diplomatic relations, the rapid development of economic and trade relations, bilateral trade growing, expanding mutual investment, a good development prospects have become mutually important economic partners. However, it should be noted that bilateral economic and trade development also exist. With the continuous deepening of bilateral economic and trade exchanges, the market has become even more fierce competition, trade deficit, trade frictions, investment policy imperfect development of bilateral economic and trade issues such as a factor hindering the process and the dangers. Only joint efforts of both sides, to take positive and effective countermeasures, and to properly resolve bilateral economic and trade exchanges, problems can improve trade and economic relations between the two countries, it has been not only to maintain the good momentum, but also in cooperation and competition healthy development, walked quickly forward, to a new level. China and South Korea are still broad prospects for cooperation and business opportunities, and from a strategic importance to the promotion of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and continually expand the scope of cooperation, to jointly create a better future is common for the two governments and peoples. As long as China and South Korea rely on each other economically, others, mutual benefit, and seeking common development, the bilateral economic and trade cooperation will definitely achieve "win-win" goal, China and South Korea will work together behind more brilliant tomorrow.
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South Korea-China Trades Disputes and Korean Counterpart Programmes
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Yu, Zhou
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 무역학과
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제Ⅰ장 서론 = 1
제1절 연구의 목적 = 1
제2절 연구방법 및 구성 = 3
제Ⅱ장 한ㆍ중 교역 및 투자 현황 = 4
제1절 한ㆍ중 수출입 현황 = 3
1. 수출입 현황 = 3
2. 교역 품목 현황 = 8
제2절 한ㆍ중 투자 현황 = 11
1. 투자 현황 = 11
2. 직접투자 현황 = 12
3. 업종별 투자현황 = 14
제Ⅲ장 한ㆍ중 무역분쟁 현황과 사례 = 16
제1절 한ㆍ중 무역분쟁 현황 = 16
1. 대 중국 분쟁현황 = 16
2. 분쟁의 원인별 현황 밎 분석 = 17
제2절 한ㆍ중 산업간 무역분쟁 사례 = 19
1. 중국산 마을분쟁 사례 = 19
2. 한ㆍ중간 反덤핑 규제 = 22
3. 지적재산권 분쟁 = 25
4. 신용장 및 서류하자관련 분쟁 = 28
5. 대금회수 관련 분쟁 = 30
제Ⅳ장 한ㆍ중 무역분쟁에 따른 한국의 대응방안 = 32
제1절 산업간 분쟁 대응방안 = 32
1. 통상조정시스템 구축 = 32
2. 선진무역구제기관 위상 확보 = 33
3. 통상자문기관과의 정보공유 확대 = 35
제2절 상사간 분쟁 대응방안 = 38
1. 당사자간의 협상력 강화 = 38
2. 불볍행위 업계자제노력 강구 = 39
3. 대금결제위험도 사전대책 강구 = 40
4. 중국경제모니터링 활동 확대 = 42
제Ⅴ장 결론 = 44
參考文獻 = 46
조선대학교 대학원
우주. (2008). 韓ㆍ中 貿易紛爭과 韓國의 對應方案.
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