한구춤의 정신세계에 대한 고찰 : 승무를 중심으로

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A study on the spirits of Korean dance
: centered on the Buddhist dance

Jung, Suni
Department of Dance
Graduate School
Chosun University

If a culture is comprised of spiritual and bodily activities then the basis and original of it would be a dance. It may include the spirit of a race that gave rise to traditions. This paper will specifically inquire into Buddhist dance which distinctively represents the nature of a particular race by first considering their features and the way of thinking.
The articles and literature of Korean and Buddhist dance have been referred to such that this research could be conducted. The background and uniqueness of Korean dance have been searched for as well as Buddhist dance that has a hint of Korean spirit and aesthetics.
The world of Korean dance has been studied with priority given to Buddhist dance which is known to have the finest spirit and formal beauty. As the researcher was incapable of looking into the entire scope of Korean dance as it is broad in its form and spirit, this research only takes into account Buddhist dance as it embraces some of Korean styles.
Although the research was confine to the field of Buddhist dance, only the work of Young-Sook Han as well as Buddhist dance of Mae-bang Lee has been used as a subject of research as there was a fear that it could progress even deeper.
There were spiritual factures such as the beauty of empty space, self-controlled refrainment and moderation, meaning of Han and sublimation of the Right Path in Buddhist dance and all of which were exhibited both directly and indirectly.
It is certain that the Buddhist dance which implies such spiritual and emotional factors were derived from our racial characteristics and history. There is a saying that the arts that contain the most styles of Korean can be universal and I believe that the spirit inseminated in Buddhist dance is a valuable asset in developing and succession of Korean dance.
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Jung, Suni
일반대학원 무용학과
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조선대학교 대학원
정순이. (2007). 한구춤의 정신세계에 대한 고찰 : 승무를 중심으로.
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