자크데리다의 해체 이론적 특성이 현대 메이크업에 나타나는 디자인적 요소에 관한 연구

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The purposes of this study were to explore the design elements expressed in contemporary make-up based on the characteristics of Jacques Derrida's deconstruction, to examine the change patterns of make-up during the recent 14 year period with respect to the deconstructive make-up style, and to investigate the intercorrelations among the design elements or dimensions of forms, colors, textures, and objects expressed in the contemporary make-up.
This research exployed both qualitative method and quantitative method to empirically investigate the deconstruction aspects of make-up. The basic material used in this study was the collection from Spring/Summer Season in 1994 to Spring/Summer Season in 2007. Data in collection pictures were qualitatively coded separately in prepared coding sheets by six experts who are professors in the major areas of make-up. The coding sheets were quantitatively analyzed.
Jacques Derrida's deconstruction theory was conceptualized to have characteristics of disformation, undecidability, and intertextuality which are also consisted of the concepts with decadence, palyfulness, bisexuality, and historical origin. These deconstruction characteristics are theorized to influence the contemporary make-up design elements such as forms, colors, texture, and objects.
The empirical results of deconstruction expressions in contemporary make-up were as follows.
First, with respect to design elements of forms, the make-up expressions of eyebrow, eye, lip, cheek, and face were found to be affected by the disformation aspect based on deconstruction. Face make-up colors and textures were also found to be influenced by the deconstruction characteristics such as decadence and palyfulness. In addition, design element of objects used in contemporary make-up was found to be affected by the deconstruction characteristic.
Second, this study classified the whole 14 years in the four periods to analyze the change patterns of make-up: 1st period (1994-1997), 2nd period (1998-2000), 3rd period (2001-2003), 4th period (2004-2007). The strength of deconstruction expressions which appeared in make-up style among the 4 periods was found to increase in order as the time is close to the present.
Third, in order to examine the intertextuality based on the deconstruction make-up expression, correlation analysis was performed among the design elements of forms, colors, textures, and objects. The results of correlation analysis shows statistical significance among the design elements. That is, if the forms showed deconstruction characteristic in a picture, other design elements of colors, textures, and objects were also found to appear deconstruction styles in the same picture.
Fourth, in order to investigate the mixed deconstruction design patterns which appeared in the design elements, cross-tabulation analyses were performed among the design elements. In particular, the cross-tabulation analyses between design forms and objects showed that the deconstruction make-up expressions were performed in a mixed fashion of forms and objects together. Also, the cross-tabulation analyses between colors and textures showed the same deconstruction make-up expressions.
The empirical results showed in general that the deconstruction characteristics of disformation and intertextuality led the contemporary make-up style which is comprised of design elements of forms, colors, textures, and objects.
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Bang Su-Jin
일반대학원 미술학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차


Ⅰ. 서론 1
A. 연구 필요성 및 목적 1
B. 연구 내용 및 방법 3
C. 분석방법 4
D. 데리다 이론과 메이크업의 연구 흐름 5

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경 8
A. 해체주의 이론의 배경 8
B. 해체주의 이론의 특성 9
C. 해체의 의미 12
D. 쟈크 데리다의 해체주의의 주요 개념과 전략 13
E. 해체주의 예술 23
F. 오뚜꾸뜨르 컬렉션 31

Ⅲ. 쟈크데리다 해체주의 이론을 통해 나타난 메이크업의 특성과 표현 32
A. 현대 메이크업의 정의와 특징 32
B. 해체주의 메이크업의 고찰 33
C. 해체주의 메이크업의 특성 34
D. 해체 메이크업의 표현 특징 54
E. 양식과 조형적 소재의 혼재 55

Ⅳ. 해체 메이크업의 조형적 소재 요소 57
A. 해체 메이크업의 조형적 소재 요소 분류 57

Ⅴ. 연구문제의 도출 및 연구방법 81
A. 연구문제의 도출 81
B. 연구방법 82
C. 코딩시트의 개발 83
D. 전문가의 선정 및 사진의 평가 87

Ⅵ. 실증분석 88
A. 분석의 개요 88
B. 메이크업의 형태적 요소에 관한 연도별 빈도 분석 89
C. 기간별 차이 분석 103
D. 요소 간 상관관계 분석 111
E. 교차분석 결과 114

Ⅶ. 결론 및 제언 138

참고문헌 143

내용분석 코딩 시트 148
사전조사용 설문지 150
방수진. (2007). 자크데리다의 해체 이론적 특성이 현대 메이크업에 나타나는 디자인적 요소에 관한 연구.
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