성견에서 자석 임프란트 주변의 신생골 형성에 대한 조직형태계측학적 평가

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Histomorphometric Evaluation of new bone formation around Magnetic Implant in Dogs

Baik, Sung-Mun*
Advisor : Prof. Kim Su-Gwan Ph.D.
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Purpose : The aim of this study is to find the effect of early magnet's magnetic field of to the around the implant on the new bone formation rate in implantation on dog mandible
Material and Method : Four adult mongrel dogs, weight about 10~13 kg, were used. The first through fourth mandibular premolars were extracted from four adult mongrel dogs. Six weeks after extraction, implantation was performed at the extraction site of control 2 group and experimental 2 group. 4 weeks later, implantation was performed at the extraction site of control 1 group and experimental 1 group. The dogs are sacrificed; the hemi-mandibles were obtained and processed histologically to obtain non-calcified sections. Sections were made for each implant and analyzed using light microscopy.
Result : Implant success rate in 4 weeks groups were 100% and in 8 weeks groups were 94% in this study. Histomorphometrically, the experimental group had a better percentage of bone-implant contact than the control group but there wasn't a significient difference at the four weeks group. There was a significient difference at eight weeks groups after implantation.
Colclusion : This reserch showed that the magnetic field of the permanent magnet affected the growth rate of new bone around the implant. For after additional research on the new bone formation, attachment of the cells and futher more, it will be conclude that the clinical applications, such as immediate loading of implant treatment are possible.
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Baik sung mun
조선대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
일반대학원 치의학과
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I. 서 론 ····················································································1
II. 실험 재료 및 방법 ···································································3
1. 실험재료 ············································································3
2. 실험방법 ············································································3
3. 실험평가 ············································································4

III. 실험 결과 ··············································································6

IV. 총괄 및 고찰 ·········································································8

V. 결 론 ···················································································12

VI. 참 고 문 헌 ·········································································13

VII. 사진 부도 설명 ···································································17

VIII. 사진부도 ···········································································19
조선대학교 대학원
백성문. (2007). 성견에서 자석 임프란트 주변의 신생골 형성에 대한 조직형태계측학적 평가.
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