성견에서 임플란트 주위염 치료시 치아회분말과 치과용 연석고의 혼합매식의 골재생 효과

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate histomorphometrically a toothash - plaster of Paris mixture associated with collagen membrane (Bio-Gide??), regarding new bone formation in the peri-implantitis defects in dogs. Three mandibular molars were removed from 1-year-old mongrel dogs. After 2 months of healing, 2 titanium implants with sandblasted with large grit and acid etched (SLA) surface were installed in each side of the mandible. Experimental peri-implantitis was induced with ligatures after successful osseointegration. Ligatures were removed after identification of bone defect beneath the level of 5th thread of fixture on radiographic image. The mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated and the contaminated fixtures were treated with chlorhexidine and saline. The bone defects were assigned to one of the following treatments: no guided bone regeneration (GBR) procedure (group 1), GBR with Bio-Oss?? and Bio-Gide?? (group 2), or GBR with toothash - plaster of Paris mixture (TPM) and Bio-Gide?? (group 3). The dogs were sacrificed after 8 or 16 months. The mean percentages of new bone formation within the limits of the 5 most coronal threads were 17.83 ± 10.69 (8 weeks) and 20.13 ± 13.65 (16 weeks) in group 1, 34.25 ± 13.32 (8 weeks) and 36.33 ± 14.21 (16 weeks) in group 2, and 46.33 ± 18.39 (8 weeks) and 54.00 ± 7.78 (16 weeks) in group 3, respectively. The present study confirmed statistically considerable new bone formation within the threads in group 3 compared with group 1 at 8 and 16 weeks (P<0.05). Although, data analysis did not reveal significant differences between group 2 and 3, the latter showed better results during the period of 8 or 16 weeks. Our findings support the effectiveness of TPM as a GBR material in the treatment of peri-implantitis bone defect.
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Choi Hee-Yeon
조선대학교 일반대학원
일반대학원 치의학과
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Table Of Contents
I. 서 론-1
II. 실험동물 및 실험재료-3
1. 실험동물-3
2. 실험재료-3
III. 연구방법-4
1. 동물실험-4
2. 실험군 분류-5
3. 표본제작-5
4. 조직형태계측학적 분석-6
5. 통계학적 분석-6
IV. 연구결과-7
V. 고찰-8
VI. 결론-11
조선대학교 대학원
최희연. (2007). 성견에서 임플란트 주위염 치료시 치아회분말과 치과용 연석고의 혼합매식의 골재생 효과.
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