남해ㆍ돌산지역 하상퇴적물의 지화학적 자연배경치에 대한 연구

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It is necessary to make the geochemical map for working out a countermeasure about change of the earth environment and understanding about a serious problem of environment.
The purpose of this study is to get geochemical natural background in Namhae․Dolsan area so we can estimate the environmental contamination and understand geochemical disaster.
In this study, we separate three group as granite rock area(group I), andesite rock area(group II) and sedimentary rock area(group III) according to geology and the total 118 samples are collected in 1: 50,000 Namhae, Sesang area map in consideration of the connection of the geochemical environment and contamination.
Stream sediments is not only the transfer media of the contaminated materials but the function as a latent contamination, and is reservoir for heavy metallic elements as a heterogeneous complex of several different particles.
Also stream sediments is well reflected the natural environment. So we use stream sediments in this study.
The samples are got over 100g by wet sieving under 100mesh(□150㎛) along the stream system, and dried slowly in the laboratory and rub in to under 200mesh using the alumina mortar and through the XRF, ICP-AES, NAA analysis we earn major elements, minor elements and rare earth elements for geochemical natural background.
In chemical analysis of major elements, SiO₂ contents is 47.75~73.16wt.%, Al₂O₃ contents is 11.62~21.18wt.%, Fe₂O₃ is 2.78~10.38wt.%, K₂O contents is 1.43~4.27wt.%, MgO contents is 0.03~2.71wt.%, Na₂O contents is 0.19~1.88wt.%, CaO contents is 0.21~5.38wt.%, TiO₂ contents is 0.34~1.55wt.%, P₂O5 contents is 0.03~0.78wt.% MnO contents is 0.03~0.29wt.%.
In histogram for toxic elements and essential elements, Cu, Li, Co, Cr saw over concentrated, so constant management is required for contamination prevention.
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The study of geochemical natural background for stream sediments in the NamhaeㆍDolsan area
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Lim, Sung-Tae
조선대학교 대학원 자원공학과
일반대학원 자원공학
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Abstract ⅲ

1. 서 론 1

2. 연구지역의 지형 및 지질 3

2.1. 연구지역의 지형 3

2.2. 연구지역의 지질 4

2.3. 지질집단의 분류 6

2.4. 암석기재 7

2.4.1. 화강암류 7

2.4.2. 안산암류 8

2.4.3. 퇴적암류 9

3. 시료채취 및 분석 12

3.1. 하상퇴적물 12

3.2. 하상퇴적물의 채취 및 수계의 현장 조사 13

3.3. 시료 처리 15

3.4. 시료 분석 15

4. 하상퇴적물에 대한 지구화학적 분석 17

4.1. 주성분원소 17

4.1.1. 주성분원소의 평균 함량 18

4.1.2. 주성분원소의 분포 특성 18

4.1.3. 지질 집단별 주성분원소의 함량 특성 21

4.2. 미량원소 및 희토류원소 29

4.2.1. 미량원소 및 희토류원소의 평균 함량 29

4.2.2. 지질집단별 미량원소 및 희토류원소의 함량 특성 31

4.2.3. SiO2 함량에 따른 미량원소 및 희토류원소의
거동 특성 36

5. 미량원소 및 희토류원소의 분산 특성 41

6. 잠재적 독성원소의 분산 특성 50

7. 결 론 55

참고문헌 58

Appendix 1 62

Appendix 2 65
조선대학교 대학원 자원공학과
임성태. (2007). 남해ㆍ돌산지역 하상퇴적물의 지화학적 자연배경치에 대한 연구.
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