도시환경 개선을 위한 공공시설물 색채 활용 연구

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A Study on Public Design's Color Utilization
to Improve city Environment
- Focussed on Inner City Parks in Gwang-ju City -
Lee Jai-Yong
Advisor : prof. Yoon Gab-Guen Ph.D
Department of Interior Design
Graduate School of Chosun University
As the necessity of thinking about design comes to the fore in urban
environment improvement, various facilities which are broadly referred to
as 'Street Furniture' are manufactured and installed. And there is
increasing awareness regarding the need to ensure their integrated
development and harmony with the overall environment.
However, this aspect of urban environment, especially the proper usage
of color, has not received sufficient attention from planners as well as
local authorities and such elements are, therefore provided in a
fragmented and half-hearted manner.
Therefore, this research is trying to deal with investigation on color
status and problem of usage of color status on street furnitures installed
in city park in Gwang-ju city to provide data of current color status on
street furnitures can be used as basic reference to any studies of
improving local color environment.
The construction of this study is as below;
In the first chapter, as an introduction, background and purpose of the
study, method and research scope are described. And in the second chapter, as theoretical review, area and classification of public design
via literature and site will be discussed. In the third chapter, the
relations between street furniture and color system will be described. In
the fourth chapter, investigation on color status will be conducted and
analyze the problems identified. In the last chapter, summaries and
conclusions will be deducted.
Alternative Title
A Study on Public Design's Color Utilization to Improve City Environment
Alternative Author(s)
Lee, Jai-Yong
디자인대학원 스페이스퍼블릭디자인
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Table Of Contents
제1장. 서론 1
제1절. 연구 배경 및 목적 1
제2절. 연구 방법 및 범위 2

제2장. 이론적 고찰 4
제1절. 도시공원 4
1. 도시공원의 개념 4
2. 도시공원의 기능 4
3. 도시공원의 유형 5
제2절. 공공시설물 7
1. 공공시설물의 개념 7
2. 공공시설물의 특성 8
3. 공공시설물의 분류 13

제3장. 공공시설물의 색채 적용 특성 15
제1절. 색채의 개념 15
1. 색채의 이해 15
2. 색채의 기능과 효과 16
3. 표준 표색계 20
제2절. 공공시설물과 색채 25
1. 공공시설물과 색채의 관계 25
2. 환경색채의 조화 26

제4장. 대상지 측색 및 분석 28
제1절. 연구방법 및 대상지 선정 28
1. 측색 및 촬영 28
2. 색채 분석 절차 29
3. 연구 대상지 선정 30
제2절. 대상지 공공시설물 색채 사용 현황 31
1. 중외공원 31
2. 518 기념공원 51
3. 사직공원 67
제3절. 공원별 색채 활용 분석 79
1. 중외공원 79
2. 518 기념공원 85
3. 사직공원 91
제4절. 분석종합 96

제5장. 결 론 98

참고문헌 100
이재용. (2014). 도시환경 개선을 위한 공공시설물 색채 활용 연구.
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