AFM 測定法에 의한 黃銅의 超精密 加工面 特性 硏究

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AFM 측정법|초정밀 가공면|절삭공구|공작기계|초정밀 가공기술
This study aims at presenting basic data on ultra-precision processing technology in respect to wear of tools or changes in forms of cutting edge. For the purpose, this study examined characteristics of surface precision shown on the surface during machining brass(HBsC3C) till 500km of cutting distance with artificial diamond ultra-precision lathe manufactured by H company in Korea. A measuring instrument of the existing surface roughness, and AFM measuring technique were used for the study.
The specimen used in this study was brass(HBsC3C) having strong corrosion resistance and superior cutting ability. This study prepared ten specimens of three layered steel round bars with ø60㎜ × L31㎜ in external diameter, and ø40㎜ × L30㎜ of bit a part in the chuck of the lathe.
For ultra-precision processing experiment, it used 10 brass specimens with processing conditions as follows: F = 0.005㎜/rev, transfer speed, in 50km a specimen; V = 1000m/min, cutting speed, and dp = 0.005㎜, cutting depth. The length of processing was a maximum of 500km. Then, the results of the experiment were compared.
This study measured characteristics of the obtained surface after cutting of brass(HBsC3C) under the given conditions in ultra-precision lathe using a measuring instrument, AFM(3D measurement) and a metal microscope. The results were speculated and the final results were obtained as follows:
1. In case edge of cutting tool processes cutting length to 500㎞, change of radius value is slight by 1㎛ low, and transformation by wear could confirm that do not happen.
2. When do tool grinding by use of tool which surface roughness is new at early when do cutting processing, it is as poor result preferably by effect of super hard particle. But, confirmed that stabilize if some measure cutting is gone.
3. Valuation of surface characteristics by AFM 3D supplies visual information of third dimension solid surface developed more in valuation by existent Surface roughness tester. Therefore, this study suggests new method to characteristics of ultra-precision machined surfaces by AFM measurement.
4. This study suggests that future research should consider several factors that influence cutting such as vibration of machines or ambient environment.
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A Study on Characteristics of Ultra-precision Machined Surfaces by AFM Measurement
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Jung, Jong-Su
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 기계공학과
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제 1 장 서론 = 1
1.1 연구배경 및 연구동향 = 1
1.2 연구목적 및 내용 = 2
제 2 장 이론적 배경 = 3
2.1 가공면의 표면거칠기 = 3
2.1.1 이론 표면거칠기 = 4
1) 인선 반지름 R=0인 경우 = 4
2) 인선 반지름 R≠0인 경우 = 5
2.1.2 실제 표면거칠기 = 7
2.2 AFM에 의한 초정밀 가공표면의 측정 = 9
2.3 절삭공구 마모이론 = 11
2.4 초정밀가공 이론 = 14
제 3 장 실험장치 및 방법 = 17
3.1 실험장치 = 17
3.2 실험방법 = 24
3.3 AFM 측정에 의한 가공면 특성 평가 = 26
제 4 장 실험결과 및 고찰 = 29
4.1 공구인선 마모현상 고찰 = 29
4.2 가공면 표면 거칠기 특성 고찰 = 31
4.3 AFM 측정에 의현 표면특성 고찰 = 38
제 5 장 결론 = 49
References = 50
조선대학교 대학원
정종수. (2007). AFM 測定法에 의한 黃銅의 超精密 加工面 特性 硏究.
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