한국 고지도의 시각요소를 응용한 관광지도 디자인 연구

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The Map gives various information for sightseeing. Those information are location, sightseeing, road, tourist spot etc. It gives more important and attractive sight information data better than other media. Therefore, The Tourist map helps to knowing the completed city's information by one sight before visiting. Namely, it has role of certification photography of city for feeling one's culture. The tourist map has role of information about sightseeing as well as delivery media of culture. as that reason, We call that the real Tourist map must has local culture expression. Fortunately, Our country map has many unique and beautiful traditional culture as compared with any other local in the world.
Our ancestor made Bulguksa-temple, Goryeo celadon, Joseon white porcelain, Turtle Ship and "Palmandaejanggyeong" Tripitaka Koreana(consisting of over eighty thousand blocks). And also, Old map which is a superior and artistic map much praised by the world geographer.
The Joseon dynasty scholar's Chronicles were inferior than China. However, The map were superior than China. As a result, Our Old map is really superior thing.
Our ancestor left as like great cultural property. Nonetheless, We did not using the old map and just kept on the history. It published some expounder or book by the some of scholar. As like these reason, The actual use is not execute by the western rationalism. Therefore, In this study, We will be researching that the method of using by visual media of Tourist map. It is based on Old Map. which has our country's culture and artistry. The Tourist map is not using by just simple tourist information supporting. It has role of delivering the tourist spot's atmosphere, characteristic to the Tourist before sightseeing. And more important thing is delivering culture to the Tourist.
The Our Tourist Map which were applied by Old Map??Which will be has role of motivation to other foreigner tourist. who is preparing exploration of our country through Tourist map or Internet. The preparation tourist who wants to experiencing different of education and culture among the sightseeing motive. The answer that The Tourist map will be satisfying exotic sightseeing for preparation foreigner tourist by delivering culture. Furthermore, It supply the chance of confirming our culture again to our country's tourist.
The Tourist Map able to introducing the local culture. And also, which is able to delivering meaning between each different custom and language in other country. The Tourist Map necessity is requiring acutely. As like important media by visual delivery. We want to delivering with our unique culture by the Tourist map.
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A Study of the Tourist Map Design by applid to the Korean Old map's sight expression
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 산업디자인학과
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Table Of Contents
목차 = 5
Ⅰ. 논문개요 = 8
1. 연구목적 = 8
2. 연구방법 및 범위 = 10
Ⅱ. 관광지도의 이해 = 12
1. 지도의 정의와 발달 = 12
2. 지도의 유형 및 분류 (地圖의 類型및 分流) = 16
1). 지도의 유형 = 16
2). 지도의 분류 = 17
3. 지도의 有用性과 限界性 = 20
4. 관광과 관광지도의 관계 = 22
Ⅲ. 관광지도의 현황과 분석 = 24
1. 관광지도의 유형 = 24
2. 관광지도의 문화성 = 44
1) 관광심리의 특성 = 44
2) 관광자원의 개념 = 49
3) 관광자원의 분류 = 50
4) 관광대상의 특색 = 57
3. 우리나라 고지도의 발달과 시각적 표현방법 = 60
1) 고지도의 발달사 = 60
2) 김정호의 지도에 나타난 시각적 표현 방법 = 71
4. 소비자 조사분석 = 74
1) 조사방법 = 74
2) 설문조사 = 76
3) 분석결과 = 81
Ⅳ. 우리나라 관광지도 디자인의 방향 = 82
1. 관광지도의 디자인 방향 = 82
2. 고지도의 시각적 유형 = 86
3. 디자인 전개 = 88
1) 위치선정 = 88
2) 고지도에서의 시각 요소 = 88
3) 시각적 표현방법 = 90
영암군 관광안내지도 = 97
Ⅴ. 맺음말 = 98
참고문헌 = 100
〈설문조사〉 = 0
김정태. (2007). 한국 고지도의 시각요소를 응용한 관광지도 디자인 연구.
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