금속지대주에서 다양한 도재관의 변연적합도와 파정강도 평가

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The purpose of this study was to measure the marginal adaptation and fracture strength of various ceramo-metals such as PFM, PFG crown and In-Ceram ceramic crowns on the metal abutment core.
After construction of 10 experimental dies for each group, ceramic and ceramo- metal crowns were fabricated on the metal master dies which simulated the preparation of the maxillary right incisor.
Marginal gap diameter was measured on the specimen at the level of finish line of the metal master die by using stereo-microscope (SEM=DS-3000N, Nitach, Japan) before and after cementation with GC Fjicem cement.
To measure the fracture strength, incisor line angle of specimens were loaded until the catastrophic failure was occurredby using AGS-1000D(Shimadzu, Japan).
Data were statistically analyzed with SSPP version 12.0(SSPP InC, Chicago, IL) and T-Test(Tatin quare design, LSP).
The results of this study were as follows :
1. The marginal adaptation of each ceramic crown was in the increasing order of In-Ceram, PFG, and PFM before and after cementation and there was a significant difference among them statistically.
2. There was no significant difference statistically at the marginal adaptation of the palatal and buccal side
3. The fracture strength was in the increasing order of In-Ceram, PFM, and PFG, and there was no significant difference between PFM and PFG, but there was significant difference between PFM and In-Ceram statistically.
By this study, significant difference was found statistically by the specimen of ceramic in marginal adaptation and fracture strength, but it is thought that a clinical application will be acceptable and the further physical and material study must be developed.
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Evaluation of Fracture Strength and Marginal Adaptation of various ceramic crowns on the metal abutment core
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 치의학과
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김태완. (2007). 금속지대주에서 다양한 도재관의 변연적합도와 파정강도 평가.
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