長期未執行都市計劃施設 解消方案에 關한 硏究

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As many urban planning facilities in Korea are not executed for a considerable period since decision of their execution, there have been double losses caused by chain effects like restriction of construction at facility site by land owners and of exercise of property rights and fall in land price.
While there are residents who are damaged by execution of urban planning projects due to lack of institutional devices, there are classes who are benefited from such an execution and equity of such a system lost balance and it caused relative deprivation and post measures for social redemption of development profits cannot achieve practical effects.
Accordingly, considering the reality that users to be actual beneficiaries of urban planning facilities are forced to undergo a considerable disadvantage, such facilities should be reviewed from the national dimension due to the absolute lack of local governments' financial abilities and measures like compensation, development and change or cancellation of plans are needed.
This study examines conditions of urban planning facilities and causes of their unfulfillment, conducts discriminative analysis of immanent character variables and multiple variance analysis as solutions for improving unfulfilled urban planning facilities and then obtains the following conclusions.
1. As huge budget is required to solve the problem of unfulfilled urban planning facilities, devices to ensure financial resources like issuance of urban planning bond and application of elastic tax rates should be devised and continuous improvement of settlement environment through solution of unfulfilled facilities should be developed.
2. Unfulfilled urban planning facilities increase due to expansion of urban planning zones and downtowns and its rate is higher in place with low urgency of development due to the lack of investment resources and low financial self-support of local governments in small cities, future urban planning facilities should be based on finance and population scale.
3. Since execution of urban planning facilities should be made according to priority of facilities and validity of urban planning facilities has a great influence on facility environment, use convenience and utility of deciding economic value, it is known that policy of planning first and development later for constructing road, park and green zone should be strengthened.
4. As it was pointed out that fixed appointment to urban planning service rather than circular appointment system of responsible staff is needed from view of its speciality, urban planning position should be unified to induce specialty of its services and consistent performance of planning should be done by providing them with opportunities to take part in special education and overseas training.
5. To achieve practical effects as original object of professionals' advices, professionals' roles who can play a role of bridge between residents and local governments throughout the whole urban planning services and broad participation of various academic circles are needed.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Solve Strategy of Long-Delayed Urban Planning Facilities
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Park, Yong-Kil
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 토목공학과
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표목차 = ⅳ
그림목차 = ⅷ
1. 서론 = 1
1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적 = 1
1.2 연구 동향 = 3
1.3 연구의 방법 = 8
2. 도시관리계획 및 도시계획시설 = 10
2.1 도시관리계획 = 10
2.1.1 도시관리계획의 입안 = 10
2.1.2 도시관리계획의 결정과 효력 = 14
2.1.3 도시계획시설사업의 시행 = 17
2.2 도시계획시설 = 21
2.2.1 관련법령에 의한 도시계획시설 = 21
2.2.2 시설별 특성에 의한 유형 분류 = 32
2.3 시설 및 용도별 입지·결정기준 = 35
2.4 장기미집행시설 = 43
2.4.1 장기미집행시설의 개념 및 속성 = 44
2.4.2 장기미집행시설의 기준 설정 = 49
2.4.3 장기미집행시설의 외국사례 = 56
3. 도시계획시설의 내재적 특성과 분석 = 59
3.1 도시인구 및 도시계획시설 = 60
3.1.1 인구규모와 지역분포 = 60
3.1.2 도시면적 특성 = 67
3.1.3 도시계획시설 현황 = 70
3.2 사례도시 인구특성 및 도시계획시설 = 77
3.2.1 인구규모와 시승격 역사 = 77
3.2.2 도·농통합도시 유형 및 특성 = 82
3.2.3 사례도시의 도시계획시설 실태 = 89
4. 다변량 분석과 미집행시설 개선방안 = 91
4.1 도시 내재적 특성파악을 위한 통계기법 = 91
4.1.1 분석 투입변수 선정 = 91
4.1.2 도시특성과 시설공급수준간의 상관성 = 95
4.1.3 특성파악을 위한 군집분석 = 104
4.1.4 통계적 유의성과 적정성 검증 = 106
4.2 시설결정 타당성 분석을 위한 회귀분석 = 109
4.2.1 타당성 및 신뢰도 분석 = 110
4.2.2 가설검증 및 회귀분석 = 113
4.3 실태파악을 위한 설문 분석 = 115
4.3.1 전문성이 강조되는 도시계획업무사항 = 116
4.3.2 도시계획수립의 적정성과 주민참여 = 119
4.3.3 시설별 우선순위와 가중치 적용 = 123
4.3.4 민원발생 성격과 경향 = 126
4.3.5 실증적 사례분석의 종합 = 130
4.4 미집행 발생저감 및 제도적 개선방향 = 132
4.4.1 계획적 측면 개선 = 132
4.4.2 제도보완 및 개선방안 = 134
4.4.3 전문가 역할강화 = 136
4.4.4 행정실무자 역할강화 = 137
5. 결론 = 139
참고문헌 = 141
조선대학교 대학원
박영길. (2006). 長期未執行都市計劃施設 解消方案에 關한 硏究.
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