야간경관 조명이미지의 감성어휘 평가에 관한 연구

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Night scenery is one of the urban sceneries created through lighting and it is being perceived as one of the effective methods for increasing the appel of city according to the increase in night activities by urban residents. Night scenery, which can be seen as a unique scenery created through various lightings, is becoming an important factor in increasing the appeal of city and many foreign cities are already displaying attractive night scenery through the maintenance and specialization of night scenery.
At the arrival of global information age, humans are now facing a complex realm of life & job and diversification of lifestyle and placed in an emotion & design centered society. Accordingly, specific design plans for urban night scenery are being developed based on various discussions for increasing the city value and improving the quality of life of urban residents with the basic goal of maintaining stability. The need for emotional night scenery lighting is gradually increasing also for improving the urban scenery according to the changes in the lifestyle of people, and the scenery lighting that simply lights the structure shape or only emphasizes the brightness of the surrounding should be sublated. In addition, efforts should be made to revitalize emotion-based night scenery lighting that takes into account of its affect on nature environment by removing or reducing excessive lighting, and that can vitalize attractive night activities as well as create high added value.
The structure of advanced design emotion consists of natural, physical, economic and socio-cultural environment factor and individual emotions of functionality, aesthetics and symbolism developed through influences of the psychological factors such as values, attitude, belief, personality, perception, learning and thinking.
The purpose of this study is to examine the user emotion expressions on scenery lighting according to the components that need to be considered in the planning of urban night scenery lighting. Accordingly, the images of day scenery and night scenery were collected from the day & night sceneries that form the urban scenery, and frequency analysis, standard deviation and factor analysis were conducted through SPSS statistics program for the evaluation scale vocabularies based on the evaluation vocabularies of the preceding studies. Accordingly, similarity of correlation was confirmed between the main goal & objectives of urban night scenery planning and emotion vocabularies based on the result of effectiveness verification as evaluation tool.
Accordingly, it is necessary to continuously conduct studies on beautiful and unique urban night scenery environment by displaying combination of images of more diverse design elements such as various components, lighting attributes & techniques and characteristics.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Emotion Vocabulary Evaluation of Night Scenery Lighting Image
Alternative Author(s)
Jang, Dae-geun
조선대학교 디자인대학원
디자인대학원 제품디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 2
제2절 연구의 방법 및 범위 4
제3절 연구흐름도 5

제2장 야간경관조명의 이론적 고찰 6
제1절 야간경관조명의 개념 7
1. 도시경관 7
2. 경관조명 7
3. 야간경관 8
가. 야간경관의 정의 8
나. 야간경관조명의 목적 9
다. 야간경관조명의 기법 9
제2절 야간경관조명의 현황 및 지향점 11
1. 야간경관조명의 현황 11
가. 서울특별시 11
나. 인천광역시 12
다. 광주광역시 13
라. 부천시 14
마. 구리시 15
바. 광교신도시 16
2. 야간경관조명의 지향점 18
3. 야간경관조명의 문제점 19
가. 빛공해 19
제3절 도시의 야간경관조명 사례 23
1. 국내도시 23
가. 한국 서울 23
2. 해외도시 24
가. 일본 동경 24
나. 일본 요코하마 25
다. 일본 후쿠오카 26
라. 프랑스 파리 27
마. 영국 런던 28

제3장 이미지의 감성적 표현 29
제1절 감성의 정의 30
1. 감성 30
가. 시대변화와 감성 30
나. 감성 가치와 트랜드 31
2. 감성이미지의 범주화 32
가. 가치개념 32
나. 감성 이미지 32
다. 사용자 수요 33
제2절 조명이미지의 감성적 표현 33
1. 경관조명 감성어휘 33
2. 야간경관조명의 감성적 표현 사례 38

제4장 야간경관 조명이미지 평가분석 40
제1절 실험의 개요 41
제2절 평가 실험 44
제3절 조명이미지 분석 45
1. 분석방법 45
2. 분석결과 45
가. 빈도분석 45
나. 표준편차 59
다. 요인분석 71
제4절 소 결 72

제5장 결 론 73

참고문헌 76

국문초록 78
조선대학교 디자인대학원
장대근. (2010). 야간경관 조명이미지의 감성어휘 평가에 관한 연구.
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