현대 라이프스타일에 맞는 침장류 디자인개발 연구

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A Study for the Application of Modern life style Bedding Design Development - Focusing on the
Korean PatchWork and Wrapping of Clothing

Na, In-Seung
Advisor : Prof. Han, Sun-Ju. Ph.D
Department of Fiber Design,
Graduate School of Design, Chosun Univ

As our income and living standard have been getting higher along with economic growth, the concept of residence has changed and customers who consider their own characters as important wanted to pursue diverse life styles.
In our country which had rapid economic growth in 1970s, as the traditional Ondol houses were substituted by western-style apartment houses, which affected market of marriage articles, western-style bedclothes appeared. Instead of warm bedclothes, decorative bedclothes were preferred and as the concept of its design was expanded, many clothes designers have diverted their attention to bedclothes. Customers with good eyes for design products have had more need for new design of bedclothes.
In designing and developing bedclothes for our new life style we developed new and diverse fabric materials and markets of bedclothes reflect new consumption tendency pursuing higher quality.
In particular, by reinterpreting patch work blankets with Korean images as a motif in a modern sense, this study presented new bedclothes with original design to develop and expand bedclothes markets.
This study aims to speculate new styles of bedclothes with a concept of total design and develop directions which lead them to have more competitiveness. Based on bibliographical data and previous studies on bedclothes with diverse usages and brand bedclothes, this study analysed various kinds of bedclothes. And this study presented a potential of patch work blankets to be applied for bedclothes, which can be naturally harmonized with living space and have creative and original meanings and competitiveness.
This study pursued unique bedclothes by expanding ranges of creative design and intended to give them various colors and designs for artistic and practical meanings. Patch work blankets presented in the study have modern styles with uses of techniques such as embroidery and stitching. Therefore, it is suggested that this study has a meaning in that it provided new opportunities to recognize artistic values of bedclothes and to develop new attempts and presented possibilities to expand our attempts of bedclothes and to enhance competitiveness in design of bedclothes.
Alternative Title
A study for the Application of Modern life style Bedding Design Development
Alternative Author(s)
Na, In-Seung
조선대학교 디자인대학원 디자인학과
디자인대학원 섬유디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구 목적 1
2. 연구 방법 및 범위 2

Ⅱ. 침구의 역사 4
1. 동양 4
2. 서양 5
3. 혼례용 침구 6
4. 나라별 침장류 7
1) 한국 7
2) 일본 10
5. 제작기법 12
1) 자수 12
2) 누비 14
3) 바느질 기법 17

Ⅲ. 침장류에 대한 이론적 고찰 19
1. 사이즈 19
2. 소재 21
1) 섬유의 분류 21
2) 직물의 종류 33
3. 나라별 직물 35
1) 한국 35
2) 중국 38
3) 일본 41
4. 트렌드 45
1) 09 S/S 트렌드 45
2) 09/10 F/W 트렌드 48
5. 침구의 품목과 명칭 51
1) 양실 침구 품목 51
2) 한실 침구 품목 55
6. 속통의 종류 59
1) 충전재 소재 59
2) 겉감 소재 63
7. 침장류의 제작 기법 63

Ⅳ. 조각보의 침장류 활용사례 66
1. 조각보 66
2. 조각보를 활용한 침장류 사례 68

Ⅴ. 라이프 스타일에 맞는 침장류 분류 71
1. 용도별 71
1) 신부용(Wedding) 72
2) 혼례용(예단) 73
3) 아동용(Kids) 74
4) 계절용 75
5) 웰빙용(Wellbeing) 76
6) 싱글 및 주니어용(Single and Junior) 77
2. 브랜드별 79
1) 박홍근(Park houng gun) 79
2) 자미온(Jamion) 80
3) 이브자리(Evezary) 81
4) 메종 드 이영희(Maison de Lee young hee) 82
5) 겐조(Kenzo) 83
6) 랄프로렌 홈(Ralphlauren home) 84

Ⅵ. 작품 제작 및 분석 86
1. 작품 제작 배경 및 방법 86
2. 작품 및 분석 88

Ⅶ. 결 론 115

참고문헌 118
나인승. (2009). 현대 라이프스타일에 맞는 침장류 디자인개발 연구.
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