한반도 집중호우시 호우 경계치 재설정과 상층 제트 상관성 분석

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In this Paper, I endeavored in order to try to check upper floor jet streak state and a concentration heavy rain boundary value to appear to the strong rain in the Korean peninsula.
The indispensable element in the weather is Wind shear, occurring with lower moisture and a velocity difference of the wind, instability air state can be sectioned. The rising air playing a role as a trigger and causing a concentration heavy rain is caused in lower heating, lower convergence and a mountain scenery slope by forced rises.
A strong concentration heavy rain is reported to the area where is kept to the heavy rain that 500hPa Positive vorticity advection(PVA) approaches in Synoptic scale, and warm air occurs in 850hPa
It is studied a concentration heavy rain case to occur in the second circulation led from the right side of the Jet streak entrance in this study
First of all, a rain of 200mm or more investigated as a example that occurred.
I tried to apply this on the heavy rain occurrence organization(Parameter) using the American Meteorological Administration to the heavy rain case of this study and examined causes of the concentration heavy rain occurrence.
For meteorological elements, a correlational analysis of between a concentration heavy rain and upper Jet Streak is conducted.
I did effort so that a concentration heavy rain interpreted energy transfer courses in a maximum precipitation distribution area and a Jet Streak situation, the lower layer on the example that occurred to the upper floor.
American Meteorological Administration heavy rain Parameter applies to a heavy rain environment and a lake effect of the Yellow Sea
I apply a lake effect of the Yellow Sea, a continent and a periodic influence back of ocean air mass to American Meteorological Administration heavy rain Parameter and tested to the Korean Peninsula.
I adjusted the rule which was a boundary value and a heavy rain in order to fit our real condition, and setting (K.M.A Yea-bo-ki-sul-team heavy rain check table reference) as a Korean heavy rain Parameter.
I used the data of the heavy rain example that occurred 30mm/h or more 200mm in the Korean peninsula (47 cases) from 1997 to 2003.
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On the reanalysis of boundary parameters and the relationship of upper jet heavy rainfall events
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 대기과학과
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Table Of Contents
목차 = 0
Ⅰ. 서론 = 1
Ⅱ. 자료 및 분석 내용 = 2
Ⅲ. 본론 = 2
A. 악기상 진단 방법 및 요소 = 2
B. 집중호우 발생 사례 조사(총 56건) = 3
C. 집중호우 발생 기구(parameter) 조사 = 8
D. 미국기상청 호우 parameter 적용 및 upper jet 동향 = 11
Ⅳ. 결론 = 48
A. 미국 호우 parameter의 한반도 호우에 대한 적용 = 48
B. 한국형 호우 경계값 설정 = 51
C. Jet Streak 유형별 분석 결과 = 54
Ⅴ. 향후 연구과제 = 60
참고문헌 = 61
정상훈. (2006). 한반도 집중호우시 호우 경계치 재설정과 상층 제트 상관성 분석.
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