하정웅박사 컬렉션 작품을 응용한 예술의상 디자인 연구

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This study examines design of artistic costume for which works of Ha, Jung-Woong Collection were applied, focusing on works collected in Gwangju City Art Museum which has a great number of donated works of art. It re-interprets the process to make modern artistic costume with various meanings and styles based on the Mecenat and ideology of collection. And it is to present the process of designing unique and creative artistic costume.
For the purpose, this study is to develop how to design artistic costume based on works of the collection in which Dr. Ha, Jung-Woong's internal world, Japanese imperialism for 36 years following our liberation from Japanese imperialism, the Korean War, national division, Dr. Ha's life and art as a Korean resident in Japan, and national history are represented.
This study analyses features of the works in his collection to develop a theoretical ground for the study and configures his internal philosophy represented in his collection for design, focusing on his works collected in Gwangju City Art Museum, which encourages us to understand him in an aspect of humanity based on bibliographical speculation.
And this study identifies the Mescenat in his collection, and his life and philosophy in his internal world through an interview with Dr. Ha who thinks restoring and preserving national history through art as his life duty to present design art for artistic costume.
Through a theoretical speculation of Dr. Ha, this study classifies his internal world along with the features of his works, based on which we make only three of the six artistic dresses designed.
Techniques making artistic costume in the study are 'knotting', 'patchwork' and 'applique'. We use these three techniques for design of artistic dress to present a possibility to develop and represent fashion design and create unique beauty with an infinite possibility of grafting art on costume design.
Through each technique that is commonly used, the internal world of Dr. Ha is represented. A thing in common of these three techniques is 'community life' for which one detail is completed when a few motifs are gathered rather than one motif.
This study is expected to lead to change in concepts based on which we can understand that to use a variety of making techniques can make practical use of art and costume possible and represent Korean images as a element of subjective design, and to open a possibility of infinite creation.
In contemporary society which is being uniformed, costume design based on art helps us to develop unique styles and understand popular emotion based on mutual agreement, and leads us to differentiated and unique representation of design that can attract others' attention.
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A Study on Design of Artistic Costume Using Works from Ha, Jung-Woong's Collection
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Lee, Su-lim
디자인대학원 패션디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.서론 10
1. 연구 배경 및 필요성 10
2. 연구 목적 및 연구 의의 11
3. 연구방법 12

Ⅱ.하정웅 박사와 그의 컬렉션 작품세계 13
1. 하정웅 박사의 일생 13
1) 메세나 정신 16
2) 컬렉션에 담긴 내면 세계 23
(1) 컬렉션의 특징 23
(2) 컬렉션의 마음자세 24
2. 광주시립미술관의 하정웅 컬렉션 작품 27

Ⅲ.광주시립미술관 컬렉션 작품을 응용한 예술의상 디자인 50
1. 작품설명 53
2. 제작기법 설명 55
1) 패치워크 55
2) 아플리케 56
3) 매듭 58
3. 작품 제작 계획표 63
4. 제작 및 해설 64
1) 작품 1 65
2) 작품 2 67
3) 작품 3 71
4) 작품 4 73
5) 작품 5 77
6) 작품 6 79

Ⅳ 결론 및 제언 83

Ⅴ 참고문헌 86

이수림. (2008). 하정웅박사 컬렉션 작품을 응용한 예술의상 디자인 연구.
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