집단미술치료가 한부모가정 아동의 불안/우울 및 자아존중감 미치는 효과

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This study aims to identify the effect of group art therapy on anxiety, depression and self-esteem of single-parented children.
For the purpose, we provided a group art therapy program for five single-parented elementary school students who were attending a day program of H area in Korea. The program was provided a total of twenty sessions
twice a week from July 7 - September 10, 2008.
The pre- and post- behavior of the children of single-parent family changes as follows.
Subject A covered his face with a hood attached to his shirt and was reluctant to present his opinion before other people. Subject B had small voice and no confidence. Subject C had small voice and looked depressed. He hated to present his opinion. Subject D was negative and aggressive. He clung to a puppy instead of his family. Subject E did not have an appetite and looked depressed.
Subject A, didn`t wear the hood of clothes, didn`t veil the face and confirmed the teacher`s instruction. Subject B, spoke louder than before, the face got - vi -
lighted up, and had got self-confidence. Subject C, speaking word 'Annoying' was decreased and spoke louder than before. Subject D, had got positive mind to the family and didn`t stick to a puppy any more. Subject E, ate much, and laughed more.
To identify the effect of the therapy, we used a STAI-Ⅱ, a Children's Depression Inventory(CDI), a self-esteem test and a kinetic family drawing(KFD) before and after the program and analysed the change they showed.
The results of the study are presented as follows:
First, according to consequence of researching about the effect of the group art therapy that decreases the feeling of unrest of single-parent children, we learned the researching group quotient of the group art therapy decreases from
ave, 45.4 to ave, 32.2 and the analysis results show examined measure Z is 2.023, attention probability is 0.043. Therefore statically the group art therapy to has an effect on decreasing unrest.
Second, according to consequence of researching about the effect of the group art therapy that decreases the depression, the quotient of the depression down from ave, 18.8 to 12.8, it has effect on decreasing the depression.
Third, according to consequence of researching about the effect of the group art therapy that has effected on self-respect, pre-self-respect score ave, 94.6 is up to 112.8 post-self-respect, therefore we learned the numerical average score is up largely and it had effect on developing the self-respect.
Finally, pre- and post- Researching KFD changing, it has effect the on decreasing unrest, inferiority complex and on having got positive mind.
Alternative Title
An Effect of Group Art Therapy on the Anxiety, Depression and Self-Esteem of single-parented children
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Lee, Eun-Jung
디자인대학원 미술심리치료
디자인대학원 미술심리치료
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Table Of Contents
제Ⅰ장 서 론 1
1. 연구의 필요성 1
2. 연구문제 5
3. 용어의 정의 5

제Ⅱ장 이론적 배경 7
1. 한부모가정 아동 7
2. 불안/우울 및 자아존중감 9
3. 집단미술치료 선행연구 17

제Ⅲ장 연구방법 20
1. 연구대상 선정 기준과 특성 20
2. 연구절차 21
3. 검사도구 21
4. 집단미술치료 프로그램 24
5. 자료처리 25

제Ⅳ장 연구결과 26
1. 한부모가정 아동의 불안/우울 변화 26
2. 한부모가정 아동의 자아존중감 변화 29
3. 동적가족화(KFD)의 변화 30
4. 행동변화 37
5. 회기별 과정 38

제Ⅴ장 결론 및 제언 54

참고문헌 56

부록1 60

부록2 78

부록3 80
이은정. (2008). 집단미술치료가 한부모가정 아동의 불안/우울 및 자아존중감 미치는 효과.
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