집단미술치료가 독거노인의 무망감우울증에 미치는 효과

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This study aims to identify the effect of group art therapy on the hopelessness depression of solitary elderly people, recognizing hopelessness depression of the solitary elderly as a social problem. For this purpose, we provided group art therapy as a psychological approach to solving the problem.
First we selected as subjects solitary elderly who use the senior welfare institute in Gwangju. Then we conducted a hopelessness depression scale test.
We divided subjects into a test group and a control group consisting of six people who scored more than 30 on the hopelessness depression scale. We provided group art therapy with the test group during 15 sessions, from April
3rd, 2008, to July 10rd, 2008.
We used the hopelessness depression scale standardized by Lee, Young-Ho as a measuring tool to demonstrate the effect of the therapy and carried a t-test to demonstrate the result statistically.
The results of the study are summarized as follows:
First, after the Group Art Therapy, the scale of opelessness depression in the test group decreased significantly in comparison with that before the group art therapy. However, the control group that did not have the therapy increased
on the hopelessness depression scale. This indicates that the group art therapy was effective in decreasing hopelessness depression in the test subjects.
Second, the post-marks were low in all four test factors: recognition , emotional symptoms, motivation symptoms, and low self-esteem. These are sub-variables of hopelessness depression. In particular, the control group
showed significant increase in the sub-variables, especially The positive influence on the sub-variables and the remarkable difference between the test group and the control group after the art therapy proves the efficacy of the
Based on the results, we have concluded that the group art therapy decreases the hopelessness depression of the solitary elderly. This means that when art media was used for solitary elderly people who were not familiar with
expressing their feelings non-verbally, the elderly were able to reveal their feelings naturally through art activities and obtain catharsis and emotional stability through emotional exchange. Subjects drew pictures or communicated
with each other using the same themes, by which they came to have community spirit and were encouraged to understand themselves and have positive self-recognition based on interaction and feedback. It is believed that
the elderly subjects can understand how other people with the same conditions recognize their problems and solve the problems through the group art therapy both consciously and unconsciously. Through this they have natural bonding
with others to relieve their psychological anxiety.
Alternative Title
Effect of Group Art-Therapy on Hopelessness Depression of The Solitary Old People.
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Lee, Jeong-A
디자인대학원 미술심리치료
디자인대학원 미술심리치료
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제Ⅰ장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 필요성 1
제2절 연구 목적 4
제3절 용어의 정의 4

제Ⅱ장 이론적 배경 6
제1절 독거노인 6
제2절 독거노인과 무망감우울증 10
제3절 독거노인과 집단미술치료 13

제Ⅲ장 연구 방법 17
제1절 연구 대상 17
제2절 연구 설계 19
제3절 연구 절차 20
제4절 연구 도구 22
제5절 자료 처리 24

제Ⅳ장 연구결과 25
제1절 검사도구에 의한 사전.사후변화 25
제2절 집단미술치료프로그램의 회기별 진행 변화 결과 31
제3절 초기.중기.종결단계에 대한 개인별 변화 47

제Ⅴ장 논의 51

제Ⅵ장 결론 및 제언 53

참고문헌 56

부록 60
이정아. (2008). 집단미술치료가 독거노인의 무망감우울증에 미치는 효과.
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