제품특징에 따른 인터넷광고에 관한 연구 - 인터넷광고 유형별 표현분석

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The Internet network service was mainly used for military purposes, but as it has been built for active communication between the government and global bases, it began to provide diverse services like present. Thus, . present Internet services are growing faster than any other media. The change of the Internet service is changing individual life as well as nations or business.
.Though the use of Internet service is ranked world top, the level of ads design and marketing using the Internet network is low. The reason the Internet services are spreading so fast is that they provide decisively important elements that have been missed in existing media environment, that
is, information and contents, feedback.
So, the Internet network as a medium of ad design should provide contents of various types(audio, video clip, pictures and letters) for netizen under media environment of hanging society.
And it is rapidly growing as a powerful ad that can deal with existing media such as TV, newspapers and radio commercials through continuous growth based on development of technologies and online business.
Much attention has been paid to rapid rise of such Internet network and in the principle of AIDMA (Attention - Interest - Desire - Memory - Action), a conventional ads purchase model, pre-purchase step tends to be incorporated with purchase step.
The steps from attention to purchase can be completed in 5 minutes, such a short period in Internet network. . As it has various advantages which are differentiated from other media, its importance is emphasized.
.Under keen competition of global markets, it is considered as a proper medium. In this situation where ads through the Internet networks has been increasing and new home-pages are competitively created, it needs practical strategies to maintain long-term success as a web ads host.
.Compared with existing media, the Internet contents are relatively cheap. Therefore this study is to examine the definition of the Internet network, the concept of the Internet ads design, representational methods and effect, compare differences between the Internet network and other media,
and analyze examples of ads means.
As the Internet network based on digital technology can provide bi-directional communication unlike other media, have cheap ads cost, and make individualized ads according to needs of customers,
it shows faster growth and has brought hugh change in ads market.
This study classified products and services in Internet networks into 16 types and analysed their representational methods, effect and attitudes to find more effective ad strategies.
We examined the concept of the Internet ads, developmental features, and types through theoretical
background, and previous studies on the representational method.
In respect to types of the Internet ads, we suggest banner ads as Tti ads, sponsorship ads as Doum ads, inserted ads as Tumsae ads, push ads as Shim ads, and pop-up ads as Twim ads in Korean.
This study suggests that as there are common representational strategies according to products and services, they need to be categorized according to types. They should use similar methods in forms, locations, size, views, compositions, chronological factor, purchase orientation, and appeal point, . while they should use diverse methods in copies and emotional points...
And companies should select materials that can implant strong images of their business in emotional appeal, and decide proper copies according to types. .. In respect to representational effect of the Internet ads, products or services very important to individuals should pursue direct, reasonable and simple strategies while convenience goods should have indirect and emotional ones.
For the mood of Internet ads, habitual and routine purchase decision strategies should be developed for real, practical and dynamic products. As the products needed for individuals have positive focus, colors, composition, . conceptual elements, design and explanation should be provided in very logical way.
As the positive-negative attitude to the Internet ads has direct influence on purchase decision, effective
representational strategies should be developed.
Therefore, it is expected that the Internet ads strategies presented in this study will be a useful base for ads production.
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A Study on the Internet Ads according to Characteristics of Products
Alternative Author(s)
Jeong, Mun-Sik
디자인대학원 시각디자인
디자인대학원 시각디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents

제1장 서론 1
제1절. 연구목적 1
제2절. 연구범위와 방법 4

제2장 이론적 배경
제1절. 제품유형의 분류 7
제2절. 인터넷광고의 의의와 배경
1. 인터넷광고의 역사 9
2. 인터넷광고의 의미 10
3. 인터넷광고의 특징 15
제3절. 인터넷광고의 개념 및 발달
1. 인터넷광고의 개념 18
2. 인터넷광고의 발달 20
제4절. 인터넷광고의 특징 및 유형
1. 인터넷광고의 특징 23
2. 인터넷광고의 유형 27

제3장 인터넷광고의 선행연구
제1절. 광고 연구의 세분화
1. 선행연구 32
2. 표면유형연구 34
3. 시각정보 표현유형 연구 35
4. 언어정보 표현유형 연구 37
5. 시각정보와 언어정보 비교연구 37
6. 국가간 인터넷광고의 표현유형 39
제2절. 인터넷광고의 시각적 표현방법
1. 인터넷광고의 형태 44
2. 인터넷광고의 위치 45
3. 인터넷광고의 크기 49
4. 인터넷광고의 표현요소 54
5. 인터넷광고의 제시형태 55
제3절. 인터넷광고의 소구
1. 인터넷광고의 소구유형 57
2. 인터넷광고의 소구유형 효과 58
제4절. 광고태도
1. 소비자 태도의 개념과 특성 60
2. 소비자 태도의 구성요소 62
3. 소비자 태도의 접근방법 64
4. 소비자 태도의 형성 65
5. 인터넷광고의 태도 69

제4장 인터넷광고의 표현분석
제1절. 연구의 기초과정
1. 연구모형 72
2. 사전조사 75
3. 표본설계 76
4. 변수의 조작적 정의 및 측정 76
5. 설문지 구성 81
제2절. 자료의 성격 및 신뢰성 분석
1. 자료의 성격 82
2. 신뢰도 및 타당도 분석 82
제3절. 종합논의 84

제5장. 결과를 위한 제언
제1절. 연구의 요약 91
제2절. 시사점 94
제3절. 연구의 한계 및 향후 연구과제 96

제6장. 결론 98

참고문헌 102

부 록 107
정문식. (2008). 제품특징에 따른 인터넷광고에 관한 연구 - 인터넷광고 유형별 표현분석.
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