인스턴트 커피믹스 패키지디자인 색채차별화 전략 연구

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As people have had more income along with economic development, they pursue new and diverse designs as well as innovative functions of products and purchase needs have been diversified. Thus, product package design needs a new effort to satisfy emotional visual images. So colors are an important element that gives consistent interest and pleasant senses of products. That is, colors are a decisive factor which helps us decide choice of a product above its function.

These days, to attract customers, we need a distinctive color strategy that is differentiated from others. As people show a direct response to colors which is directly connected to purchase mind, the use of visually differentiated colors is important. Now, we have a social code that we drink coffee dependant on mood rather than taste. For diverse products of coffee to be loved for a long time in current booming coffee market, we should pursue growth of instant coffee mix market based on development of unique and characteristics colors.

Therefore, this study is to identify and analyse color image of package, roles and values of package design, definition of instant coffee, current status of package colors, color images, the effect of colors in products on customers, and color plans in instant coffee mix markets using a questionnaire, and to present the results which will contribute to the further growth of the market and increased sales of products.
Alternative Title
A Study on Colors Differentiation Strategies at Package Design of Instant Coffeemix
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Jung Hee-Geum
디자인대학원 시각디자인
디자인대학원 시각디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
제2절 연구의 내용 및 방법 3

제2장 이론적 배경 5
제1절 커피의 개요 5
1. 커피의 정의 및 개요 5
2. 커피의 일반적 분류 8
3. 인스턴트커피 시장현황 12

제2절 패키지디자인과 색채 21
1. 패키지디자인의 개요 21
2. 색채의 기능 및 역할 25
3. 패키지디자인과 색채의 상관성 32

제3장 인스턴트커피패키지디자인 색채현황 분석 36
제1절 조사내용 및 방법 36
1. 조사대상제품 36
2. 조사방법 37

제2절 조사분석 및 고찰 38
1. 주색현황분석 38
2. 보조색현황분석 39
3. 인스턴트커피 패키지디자인 색채현황 고찰 40

제4장 색채선호도 조사 분석 46
제1절 조사목적 및 방법 46
1. 조사목적 및 범위 46
2. 분석방법 47
제2절 소비자 설문조사 분석 48
1. 일반적 현황에 관한 조사 분석 48
2. 색채 선호도에 관한 조사 분석 52

제3절 커피 패키지디자인 색채 개선안 제안 73

제5장 결론 75

정희금. (2008). 인스턴트 커피믹스 패키지디자인 색채차별화 전략 연구.
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