영화 “Sex & the City"의 의상에 관한 연구

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This study analysed the costume in a movie titled ‘Sex & the City’, which adapted a popular drama titled which drew a line in American popular culture as the best American drama showing a variety of fashion styles, focusing the costume of the four main actresses in it.
The 'Sex & the City' is a romantic comedy which adapted a TV drama running from 1998 to 2004. The drama titled is a comic series produced by HBO, an American TV channel, and won a 2002 Golden Glove in musical&comedy and Best Actress. In addition, it is a continuing winner in the best series and the best actress for the three years. It was nominated in eight fields of Emmy Award in 2002 and won a grand-prix in comedy in 2001. This series was produced based on columns titles published in by Candace Bushnell.
Four years after the end of the drama, the heroes and original staff gathered for the movie, which attracted the world's attention. In this movie, the last six seasons of the drama are connected with stories and everything of the ‘Sex & the City’ is completely represented for easy understanding of the audiences who did not see a drama at all.
This movie was directed by Michael Patrick King who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing from Season 5 to 6 of the drama, and photographed by John Thomas who created romantic and sweet images including Patricia Field, a genius stylist who made the heroes fashion stars, and Jeremy Conway, a production designer who uniquely created New York city where the heroes' idiosyncrasies are revealed.
For the study, we made a bibliographical research centering on bibliographical data and magazines, and searched information through photographic data and Internet sites.
This study is to examine the definition and function of movie costume. For the purpose, we categorized the function of a movie into symbolic and fashion creating, and movie costume into comedy costume, period costume, music costume and science fiction costume. We analysed the fashion trends of spring, summer, fall and winter in 2008, representative designs of leading designers in New York, plot and background of the movie, personality and costumes of the four actresses. Finally, to overcome unclear representation of personality and characters of the costume in the movie in comparison with the drama, this study designed and produced the costume that can represent the personality and characteristics of the actresses considering the trend of New York in 2008.
The costumes in the movie ‘Sex & the City' are presented as follows:
Carey wore Haute Couture and vintage style as a freelancer who has discretional use of time focusing on refined and colorful patterns and items to highlight her attractiveness. She wore the most trendy costume of the actresses such as a lagrange-sleeved one piece dress made of gray cashmere with cocoon silhouette, and a casual but trendy fur vest.
Samantha‘s costume focused on splendor and glamour. She preferred a refined and sexy style. She wore business suits such as a blue short jacket in daytime while wearing a velvet mini dress decorated with beads at night time to show her enthusiastic personality.
Charlotte wore an elegant and neat style of pastel or candy colors to show her feminine attractiveness. According to her personality, she focused on refined and feminine style by wearing a midium-length one-piece dress of peach color with a fur muffler.
Miranda preferred a refined fashion style even though she is a lawyer who looked strict and stiff. In particular, she showed the biggest change in fashion style in this movie into an intellectual and refined style. She wore a green velvet double-buttoned jacket and checkered pants.
The ‘Sex & the City' reflected the characteristics of trendy New York very effectively and it is highly valued in that it created new trends by representing personality of characters.
Through this study, we found that atmosphere of a movie depends on the costume, which contributes to creation of many trends as a means of representing characters, and it is expected that the results will be helpful to production of the costume.
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A Study on Costume in ‘Sex & the City' The Movie
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Kim, Jung-Ah
디자인대학원 패션디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구 의의와 목적 1
2. 연구 내용 및 방법 3

Ⅱ. 영화의상의 이론적 배경 4
1. 영화의상의 정의 4
2. 영화의상의 기능 5
1) 상징적 기능 6
2) 유행 창조적 기능 8
3. 장르에 따른 영화의상 10
1) 희극 영화의상 10
2) 시대극 영화의상 13
3) 뮤지컬 영화의상 16
4) 공상 과학 영화의상 18

Ⅲ. 뉴욕의 2008년 유행 경향 분석 20
1. 뉴욕의 2008년 봄/여름 유행 경향 분석 20
2. 뉴욕의 2008년 가을/겨울 유행 경향 분석 25
Ⅳ. 영화 ‘Sex & the City'의 작품 및 영화의상 분 석 31
1. 영화 ‘Sex & the City'의 작품 배경 31
2. 영화 ‘Sex & the City'의 작품 해설 33
3. 영화 ‘Sex & the City'의 줄거리 37
4. 등장인물의 성격 및 의상 분석 39
1) 캐리 39
2) 사만다 42
3) 샬롯 45
4) 미란다 48

Ⅴ. 영화 ‘Sex & the City'를 위한 의상 디자인 52
1. 의상 계획과 의상 디자인 52
1) 캐리의 의상 54
2) 사만다의 의상 57
3) 샬롯의 의상 60
4) 미란다의 의상 63

Ⅵ. 결 론 66

참고문헌 68
Abstract 71
김정아. (2008). 영화 “Sex & the City"의 의상에 관한 연구.
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