아트마케팅 광고의 미술작품 활용에 대한 연구

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In this time when design is mentioned more often than technology, art marketing has been spread across design industry.
Art marketing is a type of marketing through exhibitions, performance, products and other artistic activities, through which we come to feel familiar to art that felt estranged from our life.
Today's customer market becomes mature and products look similar. Therefore, advertisements should pursue aesthetic emotion which meets internal values and aesthetic needs of customers rather than functions and convenience of products as well as its fundamental objective that it should be differentiated according to emotional values. Artistic products have been long used for advertisement, but there are only a few exceptional cases that the images of artistic works are represented on products and packages. As of 2008, paintings of artists are presented and even artistic illustrations are represented on water softners and boilers including home electronics for home electronics that pursued modernism emphasizing simplicity.
Therefore, this study is to examine the types and cases of illustration ads limited to visual art in art marketing which actively uses artistic code for aesthetic emotion and analyse methods of the representation and common types for development of future art marketing advertisement.
For the purpose, this study collected cases of commercial ads, exhibitions and product ads created based on collaboration of artists to analyse illustrations of TV commercials, products and packages. As the central element of art marketing is an image, it is inevitable to study it. Images in advertisements are involved in may things. As the representation of image using artistic work uses original work as a motive, this study categorizes images into imitation for parody, dissolution and synthesis according to composition and contents and sub-categorizes them according to themes, background, props and color images.
As a result, this study found that artistic works by highly-recognized artists are embodied with image technology with a use of PPL, BPL and storytelling for TV commercials to appeal to customers. These works are building a new trend in creative advertisement through synthesis of works instead of a simple parody. For products and package, they collect common things from concept images that the image of original works and brand pursue and illustrate them according to design models. Through this attempt, when a motive of the image from a theme and visual elements in composition, forms and colors that composes an artistic work are applied for a frame of parody analysis, new representational technique can be represented through diverse media.
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The fine arts through Art Marketing Advertisement
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Yang, Kyung Sung
디자인대학원 시각디자인
디자인대학원 시각디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
1절. 연구목적 1
2절. 연구범위 및 방법 4

제 2 장 광고일러스트레이션과 아트마케팅 5
제1절 일러스트레이션과 광고 5
1. 일러스트레이션 정의 5
2. 광고 일러스트레이션의 고찰 9
3. 패러디 일러스트레이션 13
제2절 아트마케팅 17
1. 아트마케팅의 개념 17
2. 아트마케팅의 등장요인 18
3. 소비자 니즈의 변화에 따른 아트마케팅 20
4. 아트마케팅을 통한기업의 브랜드 관리 22
5. 아트마케팅의 범주 25
6.아트마케팅 광고 도입시 고려할 점 31
제3절 아트마케팅과 일러스트레이션의 이미지관계 33

제 3 장 아트마케팅에 의한 광고사례 36
제1절 국내사례 36
1.방송광고 사례 36
2.전시공간 사례 44
3.작가협력 사례 50

제2절. 국외사례 61
제3절.아트마케팅 광고의 효과 67

제 4 장 일러스트레이션 표현과 활용 69
제1절 자료수집분석의 목적 69
제2절 자료분석 72
1. TV방송광고 표현 72
2. 제품.포장광고의 일러스트레이션 표현 94
3. 작품활용을 위한 분석의 틀 106

제 5 장 결론 105
제1절 일러스트레이션 조형의식과 개선점 109
제2절 결론 112

양경승. (2008). 아트마케팅 광고의 미술작품 활용에 대한 연구.
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