스토리텔링 기법을 응용한 전자기기 광고 웹사이트 디자인에 관한 연구

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Advertising techniques for product promotion are diverse. As the era of the Internet network service has begun, ads sites are necessary instead of being extra. When the conditions that attract interests of customers are satisfied, offline sale increases. Recently, electronic appliances or cosmetics look for ads sites to distribute detailed information on products, and prior acquisition of information for offline purchase helps decision of purchase. Or online shopping malls may be directly led to purchase. These days, the importance of online ads sites is rapidly increasing. With change of times, as higher intellectual levels and appreciation eyes require new design and ideas, quality of web ads is improving. Therefore, it is suggested that web ads should provide pleasant experiences as behaviors for self-realization rather than acquisition of simple knowledge.
Considering that design applying digital story-telling techniques of web ads sites helps such experiences, this study is to identify the web ads and marketing concepts in online communication environment and analyse visual representations and customer experiences through correlations and examples of web ads and categorization of storytelling structures. Based on the results, this study is to discuss the use of organized features for communication and values. And it is to prepare the base of study in terms of design for effective information delivery and present the directions of design.
Before this study, we defined the system to deliver stories as the relations between designers and users based on product ad techniques and organized definitions of storytelling and theories, and components of visual design.
We created stories on the products to advertise, and categorized the types of storytelling structure through their combination with design elements. And we analysed diverse examples according to the degree of relations forming based on interaction between designers and users and categorized them into four. That is, we categorized 30 ads sites using storytelling into emotional stimulating, participation-inducing, multi-media and information delivery and designated electronic appliances as subjects to be analysed in design elements of web ads site. And we organized the data on types of storytelling used in ads sites centering on characters of special types. From 30 ads sites we analysed storytelling of in the first study, we selected the eight sites on electronic products designated through questionnaire on preference to analyse the layout, colors, typography and moving effects. Based on the results, we analysed the elements of visual design used in web ads site of electronic appliances and find problems.
This study attempted to identify the elements of visual communication in ads sites. Visual or emotional elements are accepted differently according to perspectives ad dispositions of users. However, emotional effects of design with established composition and attraction may lead to purchase needs through consistent interest and refreshed images. Users show interests in visuality and technological senses of design representation.
This study expects that it will be an index of effective communication under keen competition of current internet ads markets and a preceding base for further studies at different angles.
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A Study on Elelctronic Appliances' Promotional Websites with the application of Storytelling Method
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Kim, Se-young
디자인대학원 시각디자인
디자인대학원 시각디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 2
제2절 연구의 내용 및 구성 4

제2장 이론적 배경 6
제1절 웹과 웹디자인의 정의와 특징 7
제2절 웹디자인의 시각적 구성요소 9
1. 레이아웃 9
2. 색상 13
3. 타이포그래피 15
4. 동적효과 17
제3절 웹에서의 시각적 의사소통 18
1. 시각적 의사소통의 정의 18
2. 시각적 의사소통의 요소 19
제4절 온라인 광고와 마케팅 21
1. 온라인 광고의 정의와 특징 21
2. 온라인 광고 마케팅의 개념과 필요성 25
3. 온라인 광고 마케팅과 웹사이트 디자인과의 관계 33

제3장 웹광고에 활용되는 스토리텔링의 유형분석 35
제1절 스토리텔링의 정의 36
1. 스토리텔링의 개념과 특성 36
2. 웹 광고에 쓰이는 스토리텔링의 기대효과 39
제2절 스토리텔링을 응용한 광고 웹사이트 유형별 사례분석 40
1. 광고 웹사이트의 스토리텔링 유형별 사례 40
가. 감성자극형 41
나. 참여유도형 45
다. 멀티미디어형 47
라. 정보전달형 50
2. 광고 웹사이트의 스토리텔링 유형별 사례분석 52
가. 분석방법 52
나. 분석결과 55

제4장 전자기기 광고 웹사이트 디자인 분석 62
제1절 조사목적 및 방법 63
1. 조사목적 및 대상선정 방법 63
2. 대상선정의 결과 64
3. 조사대상의 기준 66
제2절 전자기기 광고 웹사이트 디자인 분석 67
1. 스토리텔링을 응용한 전자기기 광고 웹사이트 디자인 분석 67
2. 시각요소 중심의 디자인 분석결과 86
3. 문제점 및 제안 91

제5장 결론 93

참고문헌 96
부록(설문지양식) 99
국문초록 102
김세영. (2008). 스토리텔링 기법을 응용한 전자기기 광고 웹사이트 디자인에 관한 연구.
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