민화의 화조도를 중심으로 한 압화 표현 연구

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This study was inspired by Painging of Flowers and Birds in Folk Painting to create this work. and to express Korea's art and culture with pressed flowers that have unique aesthetic value. The reason of choose Paintings of Flowers and Birds is this painting expresses various desires and wishes of ordinary people in the olden days. Also it was a merit that this work can be completed without significantly transforming the plant materials. The plant materials were perfect to express the flowers and birds in the painting.
This study created a classical Korean-style screen and a partition that gives a rather modern feeling. The main materials and methods used in the work to express the birds and flowers are as follows:
First, materials to express the birds in the painting such as the crane, chicken, magpie, hawk, pheasant, mandarin duck, duck, sparrow and wild goose are pasque flower, anemone, milkweed, gerbera, reed and violet magnolia. Also to enhance the realistic feelings feathers of duck and chicken are used.
Second, flowers in the painting are expressed by similar flower materials such as chrysanthemum, cockscomb, persicaria tinctoria, prunus mume, paeonia, paeonia suffruticosa, pine tree, chaenomeles speciosa, lotus, lily, sasa borealis, camellia, vacia amoena, reed, anemone and gerbera.
Third, the background was made with tobacco leaves and the dyeing method was used. The tobacco leaves are relatively big and prevent the work from being damaged by vermin while their color doesn't easily discolor. Also they give the work the feeling of what old paper presents to the viewers. This study suggests that tobacco leaves are much more natural choice to use in the background than colored paper or acrylic treatment or even Korean traditional paper, Han-ji,
Finally, the finishing treatments used in the work are air abstraction and acrylic method. This study tried a new method which is drawing the design on a piece of silk paper and move the design to silk fabric by using double-face adhesive paper. By using very thin fabric this study could maximize the light transmission, thus enabling the silhouette to show more clearly. So the work could be used as a partition without losing its aesthetic value.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Pressed Flowers Centering on Paintings of Flowers and Birds in Folk Paintings(Min-Hwa)
Alternative Author(s)
Bae, Seon-A
디자인대학원 시각디자인
디자인대학원 뷰티디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구목적 1
제2절 연구내용 및 방법 2
제2장 이론적 배경 3
제1절 압화 3
1. 압화의 정의 3
2. 압화의 역사 4
3. 압화의 제작방법 7
제2절 민화 21
1. 민화의 정의 및 발달 21
2. 민화의 특성 23
3. 민화의 분류 24
4. 화조도 27
제3장 압화 표현 연구 37
제1절 제작의도 37
제2절 작품 표현 및 분석 40
1. 「은자의 벗」 40
2. 「관상가관」 43
3. 「소식」 46
4. 「위상」 49
5. 「생동」 52
6. 「화목」 55
7. 「생명」 59
8. 「풍요」 62
9. 「그리움」 65
10. 「연화도」 68
11. 「행복」 71
제4장 결론 74

참고문헌 76
배선아. (2008). 민화의 화조도를 중심으로 한 압화 표현 연구.
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