디지털 건축의 탈정형성(脫定型性)에 관한 연구

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In recent years, various fields of industry such as society, economy, culture and etc have been made new challenges to keep up with growth of computer and information communication technology. Mechanical paradigm that began by the industrial revolution has already changed to Electronic paradigm which is also called ‘Digital paradigm by digital computer technology’ in various fields. It is more important to focus on the fact that development of digital technology makes it possible the fields of human knowledge to expand from real-space to cyber space than infinite expansion and incredible growth of technology. Therefore, the new space concept should comprehend more extended space concept as well as digital.
Although digital technology is represented by the digits ‘0’ and ‘1’, it has rapidly changed the world and shifted most part of our life to virtual network like Internet. In the World Wide Web, which is a virtual space binding all countries, we have continueously created values by generating and exchanging new information.
This has had a significant influence on the contemporary architecture with variety since the industrial revolution. Especially,deconstructive inclination of contemporary architecture, free formal space composition following growth of digital technology, destructive spatial composition influenced by chaos and fractal geometry and etc are strengthening Ex-Formal space composition.
Ex-Formal digital which has been keeping up with the change of paradigm made the term ‘digital architecture’ but has yet to be formalized and specified. It has been used as various terms like digital architecture, cyber architecture, virtual architecture and etc without any formal definition. However, following the advent of this paradigm, study about digital paradigm and its characters is going on in various fields of industry. Therefore, this study aims to extract Ex-Formal elements from digital space and help understanding potentiality of Ex-Formal space of digital architecture.

In short, the main subjects of this study are as follows.

At 2, 'Consideration of digital paradigm in the information society', the advent of information society based on the effort to cope with inconsistent problems industrial society has is considered. New medias in the information society, the concept and characters of virtual space, digital architecture following contemporary space and finally digital paradigm which comprehends all of them are also mentioned.

At 3, ‘Theoretical consideration of Ex-Formality, the concept and importance of Ex-Formality are presented and Ex-Formal expression is formalized by extracting its expression elements based on theoretical background of Ex-Formal

At 4, ‘The characters of Ex-Formal space in Digital architecture’, with various examples, potentiality of positive digital architecture is proposed by analyzing Ex-Formal spatial composition which is applying digital technology positively.

At 5, the conclusion and importance of this study are synthetically presented.
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A Study on the Ex-formal Characters in Digital Architecture
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OH, Ro-Ra
디자인대학원 실내디자인
디자인대학원 실내디자인학전공
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 2
1.1. 연구의 배경 및 목적 2
1.1.1. 연구의 배경 2
1.1.2. 연구의 목적 3
1.2. 연구의 범위 및 방법 4
1.3. 연구의 흐름도 5
1.4. 용어의 정의 6

제 2 장 정보화 사회의 디지털 패러다임 고찰 8
2.1.정보화 사회의 이론적 배경 8
2.1.1. 산업사회와 정보사회 8
2.1.2. 뉴미디어 수용 10
2.2. 디지털 패러다임 13
2.2.1. 가상공간 Cyber space 13
2.2.2. 디지털 Digital 16
2.3. 디지털 건축의 개념 및 표현특성 24
2.3.1. 디지털 건축 개념 24
2.3.2. 디지털 건축의 표현요소 26
2.3.3. 디지털 건축의 표현양상 28

제 3 장 디지털 건축에서의 탈정형성 36
3.1. 탈정형성의 개념과 공간의미 36
3.1.1. 탈정형성의 개념 36
3.1.2. 탈정형성의 발생배경 37
3.1.3. 공간에서의 정형성과 탈정형성 37
3.2. 탈정형성의 이론적 배경 39
3.2.1. 카오스 (Chaos Theory) 39
3.2.2. 프랙탈 기하학 40
3.2.3. 폴딩(Folding) 이론 42
3.3. 공간의 탈정형성 표현방법 44
3.3.1. 공간구성요소에 의한 탈정형성 표현 44
3.3.2. 디지털 건축양상에 의한 탈정형성 표현 49
3.3.3. 탈정형성의 적용 요소 56
3.4. 소결 62

제4장 디지털 건축의 탈 정형성 작품분석 64
4.1. 조사개요 64
4.1.1. 분석 대상의 범위 64
4.1.2. 분석방법 64
4.1.3. 작품분석표 65
4.2. 사례분석 66
4.2.1. Soft office - NOX 66
4.2.2. Son-O-House - NOX 69
4.2.3. DG Bank Building - Frank O, Ghery 71
4.2.4. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - Frank O, Ghery 73
4.2.5. Mobile Art Pavilion For CHANEL - Zaha Hadid 75
4.2.6. Hotel Puerta America - Zaha Hadid 78
4.2.7. Leonardo Glass Cube - 3Deluxe 80
4.2.8. Kunsthaus Graz - Peter Cook&Colinfourmier 83
4.2.9. UFA Cinema Center - Coop Himmelblau 85
4.2.10. Imperial War Museum North - Daniel Liveskind 87
4.3. 분석종합 89

제 5 장 결 론 93
참고문헌 95
국문초록 99
오로라. (2008). 디지털 건축의 탈정형성(脫定型性)에 관한 연구.
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